25 YouTube Video Ideas For 2022

25 YouTube Video Ideas You Can Use In 2022

Hello YouTubers ! Today I’m going to talk about 25 YouTube Video Ideas For 2022 which will give you a bunch of ideas that you can use to make your YouTube videos and we’re starting right now.

If you’re a YouTuber then people want to know your thoughts on whatever topic it is that you want to discuss and they also want to know about you. Sometimes about your personal life also.

But sometimes coming up with new video ideas can be a little bit overwhelming. So I’ve put together a list for you to help relieve you of that pressure. So here’s your list.

1) You can create a video about how to get people to like you. This is a topic that is evergreen because everybody wants people to like him or her. And if they get this advice from social media influencers then this is great for them.

2) Make one about how to get someone that you’re interested in as a boyfriend or girlfriend.

3) Make a video about what’s wrong with the world, or what’s perfect with the world.

4) Your personal top three movie list and why you like those movies.

5) Your personal favorite top five-song, or artist list, and really any type of list that you come up with.

6) Describe what you would consider being the perfect day.

7) Describe how you would spend your time if you had doodles of money, and didn’t have to work.

8) Make a commentary about something that’s trending. You’ll never run out of ideas there because things are always trending.

9) Talk about the most annoying people at coffee shops or restaurants or wherever. You can also do the opposite. Talk about the coolest people at restaurants coffee shops and so on.

10) Talk about the most annoying people on Facebook, YouTube, or social media in general. On the opposite side of that, you could also talk about the coolest people on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and social media in general.

11) Tell the story to your viewers about how you came to be who you are. That should be interesting.

12) Grab a friend and do a rapid-fire interview.

13) What kind of car would you like to drive.

14) What do you like to do when you’re bored.

15) Talk about a struggle that you ever come in. By doing so you might help one of your viewers that are struggling with the same issue that you’ve beat.

16) Talk about the apps that you have on your phone and why you use them, why you like them, or why you put them on your phone.

17) Describe in detail your perfect mate.

18) What is the perfect job in your view. I’m guessing since you’re making YouTube videos, it’s going to be a perfect job for you.

19) Talk about the bad habits that you have, and the struggles that you go through with those habits, and maybe your viewers will help you break those bad habits.

20) Talk about what you would change if you were the supreme ruler of Earth and why you would make those changes.

21) You can come up with a movie idea and talk it out with your viewers.

22) You could go shopping and talk about the stuff that you bought, or the stuff that you didn’t buy, or the stuff that you will never buy but you would like to buy you.

23) Talk about your top five or ten favorite other YouTubers and why it is that you like them.

24) You can talk about your favorite top five or ten youtube videos of all time.

25) You can make a video specifically asking your subscribers what kind of videos they want from you and then make those videos.

Okay, so these are the some good ideas for you can make your YouTube videos. I mentioned these ideas because they are everygreen and they are tried and tested. Generally people likes such videos. So you can implement these. And if you learned something new today tell us in comment section. You can also read this article which will provide you some more ideas specific to your category.

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