5 Super & Free Tools To Grow Youtube Channel

5 Super & Free Tools To Grow Youtube Channel

I’m going to give you a list of 5 Super & Free Tools To Grow Youtube Channel as a content creator and we’re starting right now.

There are a lot of things involved with growing on YouTube. The learning curve behind actually making the videos using the platform is how to engage with your audience and things like that. But there are also some tools that can really advance what’s going on, and give you some insight into what’s going on in your channel here on YouTube.

It’s a short list of tools. But these are the things the most important tools that I have personally found that have helped me grow my channel. And real quick before we get started if you have any youtube tools that you recommend make sure to leave them in the comments down below to help other people that are going to be read this article.


At the very top of my list is Tubebuddy. If you are not familiar with Tubebuddy, this browser plug-in is going to blow your mind. Tubebuddy allows you to bulk copy cards across your videos, you can make thumbnail graphics with it, you can use it for keyword research, they suggest tags to help you rank your videos better, you can A/B test thumbnails which is pretty awesome.

So let’s say you get a lot of the same type of comments, or a lot of people asking the same type of question. You can predefine that answer and then you can just select it from a drop-down when somebody asked that question. It saves a ton of time.

You can also see a quick overview of the stats of other channels that leave comments on any video on YouTube. And you can use this same feature to actually reach out to the people directly which is fantastic
If you are trying to find other YouTubers to collaborate with, search that channel name, click on Tubebuddy next to his name and you can see his stats or send a message directly. So that’s great for contacting YouTubers for collaboration.

Tubebuddy is a free browser plugin. If you’re just getting started it’s really going to help you get going here on YouTube, and help your rank better. They have both free and pro versions. The features that come with the pro version are really going to help you grow your channel. Of course, the pro version does cost money but if you’re serious about growing here on YouTube it’s worthful. I want you to download the plug-in and try it out.

I want you to know that this article is in no way sponsored by Tubebuddy or any of the other tools in this list. I know that a lot of the people reading this article probably are familiar with Tubebuddy as well. And it’s pretty important that you know about this stuff.


2 Social blade helps you track your personal growth. Which is awesome. You can track your stats against competing channels here on YouTube. You can get future growth predictions based on your current trajectory. Which is pretty cool.

Or if you’re just curious you can use Socialblade to check out the details of other channels to see how they’re growing, to see how many subscribers are getting per day, and things like that. It’s a really cool tool for personal growth and to do research on other channels especially.

Tublar Labs

3 Another fantastic tool is TubularLabs. In addition to all of the other statistical information that they provide a really cool feature about TubularLabs is they also tell you who your top commenters are. Which is great for checking viewer engagement. Especially if you’re using that engagement to run contests or something like that. That is not a bribe but they also show you how much influence your subscribers have.

So let’s say for example that if I have someone subscribe to my channel that has 15000 subscribers. And they do similar topics to me by keeping track of what’s going on. In TubularLabs I can see that they subscribe to my channel, and I can reach out to them because they like my stuff enough to subscribe to me, so I can reach out to them. And see if maybe they’re interested in a collaboration of some kind. So for this purpose, Tubularlabs is really really cool tool.

YouTube Creator Studio App

Another one is the YouTube Creator Studio App. Now by assumption, I think that a lot of YouTubers know about this. But I’m mentioning it just because I know that there are probably a lot of other people that do not aware of it.

With the YouTube creator studio app, you can do things like checking your comments, and engage with your community, view real-time stats. In addition to that, you can also access all types of other statistical data that you would normally have to log into your YouTube creator studio on a computer, or through a browser. You have access to all of that stuff within the app which is pretty awesome.


VidIQ is another browser plugin it’s similar to Tubebuddy. But personally, my preference is Tubebuddy. Because in addition to just the statistical stuff they offer a lot more features in addition to just the statistical information.

But VidIQ is definitely a helpful tool if you are doing research on other videos and things like that. And especially useful for being able to pull up search results and see right away the tags that people are using. It can help spark some ideas when you’re doing your own keyword research.

They also give you another range of stats that you can see in your sidebar at a glance, which can also be very helpful when you are putting your videos together or you’re doing research for your keywords.


Remember if you have any tools that I did not mention in this list that you want to suggest to other creators leave them down in the comments below because that’s the type of community that we have on this blog. We’re trying to help each other out. So makes sure to leave that information down in the comments below to help out other people that are going to be reading this article.

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