Golden Rule Of Facebook Organic Marketing For 2022

Golden Rule Of Facebook Organic Marketing For 2022

Not having this attitude in your Facebook organic marketing kills your effectiveness. I’m here with my organic marketing on facebook tip. And it’s all about putting other people first. The golden rule is all about putting other people first. One of the most powerful statements ever made in human history is “Put other people first.”

What People Think About Organic Marketing

But we’re gonna put it into practice. And I’m gonna ask you to be honest with yourself about your Facebook marketing. Are you putting other people before you? Or are you just being selfish? Are you an ultimately selfish person? Are you just out for number one? Are you out looking to satisfy your hunger for money?

Just Concentrating On Making Money

I mean I get it a lot of people need money, a lot of people are desperate for it. But when people sense that that that’s what you’re out to get in your Facebook marketing efforts it turns people off. So you’ve got to look inside your heart and see what’s really in there. Because if that’s what you’re communicating to people it’s not gonna work. And I see people do it all the time and some people do make money with it but then I see a lot of their prospects mad at them or disappointed with them.

I call these people to churn and burn marketers. They just say “oh there’s millions of people in the world. I’ll just go get them and I will sell them something and get their money out of them and then I’ll disappear and I’ll just go on to the next one.”

This Will Create Only One Time Customer

So that’s a churn and burn. Do you know what people do? There are tons of people that will just say yes to an offer because they’re in need and a lot of the marketing is at least good enough so that they can sell something. But once they get into it they’re like “oh that was dumb”.

There are a lot of great guys out there but you got to find out who the good ones are because there are a lot of nasty ones that are just out for themselves. They don’t care. They don’t truly care about the people who are buying stuff from them. And if that’s you, you can continue to do.

What Is The Actual Way Of Doing Organic Marketing

Another way of doing it if you want, but I’m speaking to those who want to be friends and have ethics and have them. Treat people the way you would want to be treated. Tou doesn’t want to be scammed. Do you? No, I don’t think so. I don’t want to be scammed. It’s horrible.

Anyway, how do you treat other people as you would want to be treated online? You have to think about this. Sit down and ask yourself. How would I like to be treated when someone reaches out to me on Facebook.

Make Genuine Posts

When somebody makes a genuine post I love it so I try my best to leave a genuine comment and I can do it in like 10 seconds sometimes it takes a minute. And sometimes it is a blessing to that person who made that post because if it’s a really good post maybe they will attract me into whatever their offer is. Maybe they have something to sell that I need.

Build Relationships Beyond Financial Benifits

But it’ll probably create a relationship of some sort. It might not pay off for them right away but if I like them and I trust them I will buy whatever they’re offering or whatever. Maybe we can help each other out with something.

Make Friends

It’s beautiful on Facebook. You can make so many awesome friends and like you can scale that it’s so amazing. But you only do that by treating people the way you would want to be treated. So how do you do that?

This About Your Target Audience Pain Points

You make good posts. Put some time into it. Ask yourself what kind of posts would I like to see and then go. Make it think about your target market, think about your ideal customer, and think about the pains and the struggles and the questions they have and then go out and answer those for them. Solve that thing for them. Help them with no regard for what you get in return.

And you know when you have that attitude, people can sense that and they like it. It’s attractive and you have influence.

Answer Questions Asked In Facebook Groups

And here’s another tip when you see someone ask a question in a Facebook group, maybe you don’t know the answer but you know that if you could just google it you could probably find it. And instead of making a snarky comment on the post say “hey joe, I found this article it’s great. I saw it solves that problem. If you need anything else let me know.”

A lot of people don’t do that but you can. Do that and you will stand out in that Facebook group. So take 20-30 minutes a day, go into a Facebook group, and look for questions you can answer. Be a resource for people, be helpful and you will get results.

Dedicate A Time Slot To People To Help With Your Skills

Here’s another good one. If you are good at something why don’t you make a post on that topic? Just do this every day. Say I’ve got from 2 to 2:45 free. Anybody who wants to talk and like let me help them with your skills can message. And you know what’s going to happen, you’re going to build a new relationship and they’re never going to forget you. And it’s fun to help people it’s really fun. And I found this to be true.

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I’ve been doing coaching gigs for a long time and man we’re bonded after that call. It’s awesome and you know what a lot of those people end up buying stuff from me because they know me. People like to buy things from people they know.


That’s the way we’re supposed to be. It’s just the best way. Can you imagine if everybody in the world did that what a different place we would live in instead of being a selfish disgusting evil place everybody?
So those are some great things you could do for free. If your content is valuable and it’s helping people go post it If you’re engaging in groups and stuff have something for the people who are definitely going to buy from you. If you want to go in depth of Facebook Marketing you can checkout this official article from Facebook itself.

I hope you found this article helpful and learned something new. If you did make sure you subscribe to our newsletter so you never miss another article from us. That’s it for today guys and I will see you next time.

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