3 Best Instagram Engagement Rate Formula You Must Know

3 Best Instagram Engagement Rate Formula You Must Know

In today’s article, we’re going to be talking all about Instagram Engagement Rate Formula most importantly. I’m going to share the engagement rate percentage. I think you should aim for based on your follower count and give you a few different ways to calculate your engagement rate quickly easily and accurately. If that sounds good then we are going to start right now.

Why Instagram Engagement Rate Formula Is Important For You

Your Instagram engagement rate formula is important for a few reasons.

One : it shows if the content you’re creating is resonating with your audience or not.

Two : it helps build authority in your niche in the eyes of your audience.

And Three : it’s a qualifying factor for brands and companies who might want to work with you.

What Is Good Instagram Engagement Rate For You

But it’s pretty damn hard to achieve a high engagement rate these days. Now that’s not entirely your fault but rather Instagram and how the algorithm works. If you have 1000 followers that do not mean that all 1000 will be shown your post. It sucks but it’s true.

So you have to first adjust your expectations and know that your engagement rate is not likely to be super-duper high.

So here are some example engagement rates to aim for if you have 0 to 5000 followers then the engagement rate will be 10 to 20%. It’s a lot easier to achieve a high engagement rate as the number of your followers that do see your content is much higher than it will be when you’re following increases which means subsequently as your following increases your engagement rate will naturally drop.

So if you have five thousand to ten thousand followers five to ten percent is suggested.

If you have ten thousand to fifty thousand followers three to five percent is ideal.

And finally, if you have 50000 or more followers one to three percent is likely where you will land.

Now of course having higher engagement rates than these suggestions would be fantastic but these are the general averages. So you at the very least want to be inside of them.

Instagram Engagement Rate Measurement Methods

So now we have to discuss how to accurately calculate your engagement rate. There are three different methods to doing this that take into account.

Past Interaction Method

The first method will calculate your engagement rate based on your past interactions. To do this we take the sum of your likes, comments, saves, and shares which you can find in your post analytics and divide it by your follower account and then multiply it by 100 to get a percentage.

The engagement rate percentage will show you what your engagement rate was for each photo, so you can see which posts performed better not just by how many likes they received but by the total of all of their interactions.

Post Reach Method

Now the second method which bases your engagement rate off of your post reach again. This method could be considered slightly more accurate as it’s based specifically on how many people saw your post which will give you a good idea of how well it’s performing.

But I don’t personally think that it’s the most appropriate way to represent your influence to brands that want to work with you. The fact that your account is not reaching more people is a potential problem and it shouldn’t be taken out of the equation if you’re using these numbers to help identify areas of improvement.

Gained Impression Method

And finally, the third method is based on the number of impressions your post received. This calculation is total post interactions divided by impressions and multiplied by 100. This method will likely result in a percentage lower than the previous calculation. But it is good for measuring the effectiveness of your content because it takes into account 100 of the times your post was seen.

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So those are the three primary methods to determining your engagement rate. The most common and most accurate is the interactions calculator. And I recommend this for when you’re trying to determine how your account is performing as a whole and also about others in your niche.

And the reach and impressions options are great for determining the impact of your content and whether or not your audience is responding to what you’re posting. Of course the higher the number is the better but don’t beat yourself up about it. If you can stay within the guidelines I shared with you at the beginning of this article you’re doing a great job. You can also read this article on Hubspot on How you can increase your Instagram Engagement Rate.

So I hope you found this article helpful and learned something new. If you did make sure you subscribe to our newsletter so you never miss another article from us. That’s it for today guys and I will see you next time.

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