The 9 Minute Instagram Growth Strategy For 2022

The 9 Minute Instagram Growth Strategy For 2022

Hello People. Today I am going to talk about my personal secret Instagram Growth strategy. This Instagram Growth strategy has been a big key in growing my Instagram account over the last year to over a hundred thousand followers.

And also more importantly it’s been a big key to helping me understand the algorithm. So anytime I have downtime, I go into my phone, and I do this 9-minute roll, and I do this every day whenever I have 9 minutes.

The Only Instagram Growth Strategy I Applied

This is the only thing I do actively on Instagram each day to make sure that I’m engaging, building my engagement, building my authority in the algorithm so that I’m constantly growing my account.
But I don’t spend more than this 9 minutes a day on the platform unless I’m doing a post. So I’ll show you what that is in just one second.

So the 9-minute rule if you’re excited to hear this make a comment below and make sure that you subscribe to our newsletter if you haven’t subscribed yet. You will get notified every single time I post a new article on this blog.

And I’m gonna kind of go through each of the categories that I do for this 9-minute rule so that you can fully understand the process.

Build Relationships With Your Existing Audience

So the first section that I do is called an existing audience. So basically anyone who follows me that day or anyone who engages with my content that day there’s a couple of things that I do to further nurture the relationship.

Send Audio Message

People who comment on my content on my feed, people who message me in my DMs, or people who follow me, what I’ll do is I’ll send them a voice message. So I send some people to voice messages and just introduce myself and say hello.

Because sending rich content in DMs is valuable to the algorithm to say “Wow ! You must have a real relationship with this person”. If you’re taking the time to send a voice message, it’s gonna help you show up in that person’s feed more.

Send Video Message

The other thing that I do is send video messages to say welcome, or ask questions. And a big thing that I’ll do is ask why are you here, what did you want to see from my account, and what are you looking forward to learning from me. That can help me find great content topics for my Instagram feed.

Make Use Of Polls

The next thing I do is polls. I love asking questions on Instagram and using it for data and information on what my audience wants both for my free content and my paid content.

So I’ll go on and I’ll invite people to things or ask questions. So one of the big things that I use polls for is if I have a new opt-in, or I have a new webinar or master class I’ll go on and say “Do you want to come to the master class tomorrow? Vote yes or no.”

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And whoever votes yes I then go through that list, and I send a direct message to every person you voted yes with the link to sign up for the webinar. And it’s a great tool to get more candidates in seats for your webinar. And basically, interact directly with people which people kind of get surprised by.

Do Question Rounds

The next thing I do is questions. I love the questions feature on Instagram stories. So I’ll ask a question and I do this a lot when it comes to figuring out what kind of content you want to read on my blog.

I’ll say “What do you want to read on my blog?”. And people send me all these ideas. And a lot of the time those ideas then turn into my blog posts like today. This was inspired by a comment and a question I got on Instagram.

Engage With Previously Engaged Audience

The next thing is after I post a new photo on my feed, I will go into the previous photo that I posted on my feed and I will heart every single comment on that photo until Instagram cuts me off. But I will like every comment on that previous photo to kind of ping and notify those followers on my account that I have a new piece of content that just went up. And it’ll grab their attention to come back to my account, and find that new photo.

So that’s just my existing audience category in that 9 minutes that’s one thing. I know you don’t have to do all of it. But pick one of those things to do every day within that 9 minutes. And you’d be surprised how many of those things you can get done to nurture those relationships.

Engage With Your Non Followers

We have talked about how you can interact with your audience how you can grow your instagram account by interacting your audience. Now we will talk about how you can grow on Instagram with people who are not your audience but you want them to be your audience.

Find Like Minded People To Be Your Audience

So the main thing is finding like-minded accounts. This is so important because if you’re trying to wait for everybody else to find you on social media, you’re  gonna get found. I often say “Don’t be the cool guy at the party. Be the friendly guy at the party. Because no one wants to talk to the cool guy”.

So you want to be the person who goes out of your way to talk to everybody. So what I will do is will go on to my account and I will search keywords or tags within my niche, and I will find new people to interact with.

The other cool bonus factor of this is that if I do this I’m also finding all these great pieces of content that I will then save and curate for my feed or for my story to share later. So it’s allowing me to gather content that I love as well.

So I’m interacting, I’m gathering content, and on those pieces of content that I like, I will heart them, and I will leave a valuable comment so that I can get on that person’s radar. And I will also interact with people in the comments on that post to again expose myself to a whole new audience to help me grow my account faster.

Make HashTags Groups

So the next thing is hashtags. And I have a whole list in my phone of the hashtags that are relevant to who I want to be attracting and the kind of audience that I know I want to be following me.

So I go through that hashtag list every day in this 9-minute rule. And I go in and I search the hashtags on Instagram. And I find people like I said before to go and interact with. I find content that I can save to use on my account or to share on my stories.

But most importantly I used those hashtags to find people that I haven’t interacted with yet, or that haven’t heard of me yet. I go in, and I direct message them, or I’ll comment on their post, or I’ll respond to something that they put on their story just to get on the radar.

I say “Hey ! I’m here. We haven’t met yet but I’m super excited to introduce myself”.

And I’m talking about hashtags I use a tool called flick. It’s an amazing tool. In this tool, you can type in anything and get relevant hashtags.

Now, this is gonna take you a minute to create these hashtag groups but it is worth it because you’ll see a huge increase in your engagement.

Continue To The Nurture Relationships With Your Potential Audience

The next thing is once I build a relationship with people on Instagram, and I introduce myself but I won’t make time to then follow up with them like a week, or two weeks, or a month later but whenever you get time, do interact with them. We open dialogue when you send a voice message or video message to new followers.

They know it’s a safe place for them to talk to you. And you have no idea how many of those conversations that I’ve started with people have turned into paying customers and clients because they know that I’m a real person that they can interact.

So make sure that you continue to nurture the relationship and continue to interact with those people. Especially if you wouldn’t have a new account.

Value those new people who follow you because they are the people that are going to be with you in the long run if you value them in the beginning.

Always Respond To The People

Now the next thing is making sure that you respond to pretty much everything. When I was first starting to grow my account everybody got a response and still to this day over a hundred thousand followers on Instagram. And I still do my best to respond to every single DM that I get.

Some of them end up in spam and I don’t see them but I try and respond to every single DM that I get, every question that I get. And I just follow this 9-minute rule like once a week to go through and answer all my DMS.

So like I said I’m not on Instagram all day, every day. I have this 9-minute rule and everything I just mentioned goes into that 9-minute rule. I interact with existing accounts that follow me, I interact with like-minded accounts to grow my following, I search hashtags to grow my following, I curate content, I build relationships with people ongoing in the DMs, and I make sure that I’m responding to everything in my direct messages.

And if you have a small audience there’s no excuse. You should be responding to everything in your DMS because that’s what’s going to build relationships and help you show up higher on Instagram.


Now if you enjoyed this article let me know what your biggest takeaway was from this article. I am also making a promise to you that if you apply this 9-minute rule in your Instagram strategy you can grow your Instagram profile at 10x speed.

If you want to learn more about how to grow your social media profiles like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram related stuff make sure to subscribe to our newsletter right now so you don’t miss anything. And here is a special article for you that will tell you about the 3 Best Instagram Engagement Rate Formula You Must Know. Thank you so much for reading this article. I’ll see you next time.

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