5 Crazy Unknown Facts About Social Media Marketing (Nobody Tells You)

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If you are aware of Digital Marketing then you may also aware of the word Social Media Marketing which is a very big part of Digital Marketing now a days. So What is Social Media Marketing and how business are using this tool for their benefit? Let’s understand.

What Is Social Media Marketing exactly and how it started?

We all know social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, and some of the others. But people often use these platforms for entertainment, knowledge sharing, photo sharing, and other things like this. In the initial stage, Social Media was focused on these things only.

But when people start to engage here massive then marketers realize that these platforms can also be used as a place for marketing, because marketing can be done there when the market exists means where people exist.

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So here Social Media Marketing comes into the scene. In summary, when people marketing something on Social Media platforms it can be for generating sales or it can also be for brand awareness then this activity is called Social Medial Marketing.

How You Can Start Social Media Marketing?

Now the next question is how we can do Social Medial Marketing. For this, you have to register on all the social media platforms with your business name so that when people search for something about than all your social handles should be present on the internet. This will help you in google ranking also.

Social Media Marketing

When you register on some social media next step, post your business relevant content on your page regularly. This gives a boost to your social profile if you are regular there.

Is Social Media Marketing Paid Or Free?

The next question comes that is this social media marketing is free or we have to pay for this. The answer is Both. You can also do social medial marketing for free because these social medial platforms never force you to do paid marketing.

But if you want to grow on social media then you need so much time and effort because these social media platforms do not promote everything for free.

They do not force but they encourage marketer to go with paid ads because this is their business model and they generate a large revenue with this model.

On the other hand, if you go with paid marketing then it will be very easy for you to reach your potential customer. Because when you pay social media, they let you with a specific targeting option who can be your customers, what are their interests, what they like, where are they from, what’s their age, what content they like and so many like this. So it became very easy for a marketer to target their business prospective.

What Method Should You Use Free Or Paid?

The next question comes that if we are going with paid marketing what amount should we invest. Is it really expensive ?

No, this advertising is not expensive at all. You can start with the smallest budget if you want to test something. That cost is very less in comparison to other traditional platforms of advertising.

Many big businesses invest millions of dollars in Social Media Marketing to grow their brand and many businesses invest very short money on that. It totally depends on business or individual. If you will give more you definitely going to gain more.

What Social Media Marketing Platform You Should Use?

The next question comes what social media should we use for our business. So this totally depends on your business. So many people think that Facebook is the only social media platform we can use for marketing but this is totally wrong.

You have to judge your audience. If your audience is youth-based then you can also go with Instagram for marketing because this is also a very big platform and also very popular among youth.

On the other hand, if you are working in Business To Business model and you want to sell your product or services to other businesses then LinkedIn can be a good platform for you because we found only professionals here.

So you have to decide once your major audience exists and then invest your money in advertising. This strategy will create good results.


In conclusion, we can say that Social Media Marketing is a very good tool for marketing your business, personal brand, or anything else. Because we are in the early stage of social media.

You don’t know what is going to be changed in the upcoming days. Maybe it will be too expensive or it can be more competitive in the upcoming days. You never know. One more thing if you want a detailed definition and history of Social Media Marketing then you can refer to this article.

So use this amazing tool to market your business. And If you want to especially grow on YouTube then you can read this article. It will tell you how you can be a successful YouTuber this year. If you did not subscribe to our newsletter yet then subscribe to it now because you will get the exact strategy to grow on Social Media. Best of luck..!

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