Why Isn’t My Youtube Channel Growing (7 Biggest Reasons They Don’t Tell You)

Why Isn't My Youtube Channel Growing

This is a very general question of new YouTubers that Why Isn’t My Youtube Channel Growing. I’m going to tell you what to do if you’re not getting the results you want on youtube and we’re starting right now.

So a lot of people will start a youtube channel. And when they upload a video they expect to get a certain amount of views, and that expectation is typically something that happens quickly because they see a bunch of videos on youtube that get published, they get a lot of views on them.

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For example, people say “I’ve had a channel for a little more than a month now, and post at least three videos weekly. I spend hours editing but I don’t get the results that I wanted. What should I do.”

If you are thinking like that, you are not alone. And if you’re reading this article right now there’s a really good chance that you feel exactly like that. You think like “hey I’m putting in all of this work, I’m putting in all of this effort into making these awesome videos, and when I publish them on youtube I don’t get hardly any views at all. What is going on? what I have to do to get this stuff to work?”

Why Isn’t My Youtube Channel Growing: Your Over Expectation Is The Biggest Reason

The first thing I want to tell you is that as a content creator, this is one of our biggest challenges. And the reason for that is because in our minds we have this expectation that when we upload a video people should watch this video immediately.

And because of that, we want other people to see it. We want other people to participate in the content that we made. And it doesn’t always happen. We don’t always get the response that we’re after.

And it sucks when you publish a video and you put in all this time, and all this work or research and you don’t get the views that you’re after. You don’t get anybody coming in. And the people that do watch maybe don’t leave a comment. So you’re not getting any interaction.

And it sucks. Because you start to feel like all of this effort that you’re putting out there is wasted. And because of that, it can be frustrating. It can be depressing because you’re just not getting that response that you were hoping to get initially.

So if you are feeling this way, if you’re feeling like you’re putting in all of this work, you’re putting in all of this effort, but you’re not getting the response that you had hoped, here’s what you need to do.

Re-Check What You Are Exactly Doing

The very first thing that you need to do is you need to take a step back for a second and you need to take a very hard objective. Look at what it is that you’re actually doing, look at your channel page, look at your titles look at your thumbnails, look at the video content itself, and look at it objectively.

Pretend that you didn’t make the content, pretend that you had nothing to do with the content anyway, shape or form and look at it, and think to yourself “Is it clear what my video is about, my thumbnails are it clear, what is happening in my content with my title when I actually click in the video, is it good content, is this something that I would actually watch, is the quality competitive in terms of the other people that are making content like mine”.

The reason this is really important to do, and it’s like a critical thing really that you need to do in the situation if you’re not getting results is because lots of people ask me hey I’m doing all the things that are recommended but I’m not getting any results on my youtube channel, I’m not getting views, my channel’s not growing things like that.

And every single time that I look at a channel when I open it up I’m like okay they’re applying all the stuff let me look at the channel and see what’s actually going on so maybe I can give them a tip that’ll help them out.

But I’ll look at the channel and 99.9 of the time they’re not doing the things that I recommend here, that youtube recommends, that other people who make content like me recommend. But they think they are. And this is where the problem comes in

Here’s the thing if you’re uploading content to youtube and you’re not getting any results at all, people are not coming in, they’re not watching your video, you’re not getting three views on a video, you’re not making any progress at all then in that situation you need to really look at what it is that you’re doing.

Because every single time that I go and I look at one of those channels what I see is, I’ll see to where people don’t have their content optimized for mobile, they don’t have their channel page optimized for mobile.

Don’t Copy Big Creators

And the downside of that is that you are doing that because you see a lot of big channels on youtube doing that type of thing, and you’re using them as inspiration which is great because you know success leaves clues.

But what you don’t want to do is you don’t want to replicate exactly what it is that they’re doing. Because they already have an audience, larger channels, larger active channels. I should say already have a built-in audience to where when they publish something they’re going to get a percentage of clicks.

No matter what it might. Not be a lot, but they will have some people come in and watch that video. And because of that’s going to give youtube the information that it needs to identify the right people for that particular video based on how those people click and respond to that content that has been presented to them.

But as somebody that’s just getting started you don’t have that. If you apply the tactics that the larger channels apply in that situation you are actually working against yourself because you don’t have that built-in audience yet, you don’t have a content library that’s big enough or strong enough. So the solution to this is for you to take an objective look at what it is that you’re doing and look at your titles.

Look At Your Title & Thumbnail As A Viewer

Let’s get into some actionable stuff here. Look at your titles and your thumbnail, and how they work together as a package and think to yourself if this were to be presented to me on youtube would I click on this? Yes or No. And why don’t you say “yeah I would”. But be very specific on why you would click on this.

Look for things “would this be something that I actually care about, would the imagery that’s in here be something that might actually grab my attention, you also have to think about the imagery or the words that I’m using in my thumbnail, are they clear and easy to read, are the objects that I’m focusing on can you actually see what they are in the thumbnail.

When you’re applying this idea to your titles you also have to look at those, and you have to think why would somebody care about this particular title? Why would this trigger somebody to click on this video? Would it be that I’m creating curiosity of some kind? Would it be that I’m helping them solve a problem and it’s just crystal clear that I’m helping them solve the problem with this? What it is that would make somebody click on the thumbnail and title that you’re putting out on youtube.

Because if you can’t define it, if you can’t be objective and step out and just get away from thinking like “hey this is a good video so of course, I would click on”

You have to assume that the people that are seeing your thumbnail, the title have never seen a video of yours before. And you also have to assume that they don’t know the video that’s behind the thumbnail, title because they don’t.

When you see a bunch of videos loads up on your youtube home page, you have no idea when you click on one of those videos, you have no idea whatsoever, what is behind that title and thumbnail as soon as you click on it.

At that point then your expectations start kicking in as soon as the video starts playing. And you start making all of your judgments in your brain. If you’re going to stick around or not but from the outside, you click on videos for a reason. You click on them because the topic of the thumbnail, or the topic of the type the topic of the video as a whole.

But the thumbnail and the title have pulled you in some way. And because of that if you’re not getting the results that you’re after then if you want to get results on your youtube channel you need to start looking at things in that way and start defining everything that’s happening on your channel.

Why would somebody click on this? Why would someone care about this particular video topic? If I’m doing a vlog why would somebody care to watch this vlog? You might think it’s entertaining because you put it together but from the outside when somebody hasn’t even seen the video yet, they haven’t even clicked on it, why would they care enough to click on that video. Why would that be important for someone else to make them want to click?

Being able to define your thumbnail and your title why somebody should click on that, and in the video content why somebody should care about, and why they should watch that particular video for a long period of time. Being able to define those things can really help you start getting results on youtube.

Because once you can identify the reasons that people should click on your content and the reasons that they should watch it, and enjoy it, then in that situation you can actually start leaning into those things. And then you can start focusing on those things. And then by doing that you’ll sense you’re identifying them. Then you can make it easier for other people to identify them because you’re actually highlighting those things that would that are important to other people.

Are People Are Watching Your Video For A Fair Amount Of Time

Now other things could be at play as well on youtube. So let’s say that you can get people to click but they’re not just not staying in here, they’re not hanging on your video.

Are You Comfortable With Camera

Then in that situation, other things could be at play. For example, let’s say that you just haven’t developed your skill set yet of just being good on camera. Because of that first, you need to watch some of the videos on how to be better on camera. But two if you’re not good on camera and you haven’t developed that skill set of being able to communicate well with the camera, then in that situation you might not be connecting with people when they come into your videos.

And you need to identify that this is why it’s so important to look at all this stuff objectively. You need to be able to identify that. So you can see it as what it is, and say “okay maybe I’m just not good on camera yet or I’m not projecting my best self on camera. So because of that, I need to spend some time just trying to learn how to be better on camera, and practicing the skill of being better on camera”.

And the big trick to that, by the way, is just simply being comfortable that you are making videos enough that you’re on camera enough, and that you’ve had enough experience to just simply be comfortable on camera. Or you just work through in your brain however you can to be more comfortable on camera. And by doing that it’s going to help you be better on camera.

But let’s say that you are good on camera and you’re comfortable. And you’re like “that’s not the problem, I’m fine there, I’m comfortable on camera. And I think that I’m communicating well. Then in that situation, you have to start looking at other things. And again we’re doing all this objectively pretending it’s not your content.

Is Your Audio Quality Is Fine

So you want to look at your audio quality. And you want to look at how your audio quality is compared to the other people that make videos on similar topics that you do. You want to listen to your audio and you want to compare it against other videos on youtube. And you want to say “okay is my audio similar to other videos on youtube. Is my audio loud compared to other videos on youtube? Is my audio really soft compared to other videos on youtube? And how does it actually sound. Do I sound like I’m really far away from the camera because the microphone is way over there and I’m way over here”.

These things are super important because these are the things that create the experience that viewers have when they interact with your content. And look i understand if you’re just getting started you don’t know how to process audio yet or you don’t know how to make your audio sound good to start looking at videos that teach you this skill.

Start looking for tutorials on how to make your audio sound better. Start looking for setting up tutorials for microphones on how to make microphones get better or sound better. And the idea I’ll tell you right now.

The idea is that you get your microphone as close to you as you possibly can, where the people in the frame can’t see it but it’s close to you if you are doing talking stuff. 

The same thing applies even if you’re on your phone, or your phone is the only thing you have to record audio with. In that situation just get your microphone on, and keep your phone close to your mouth as well.

Is Your Video Editing Is Good Enough

Another thing that can help your videos not do well on youtube to where you wouldn’t get the results that you wanted is if your editing is bad. And what I mean by that is you’re making corny editing decisions, that might not be a good fit for the people that are watching your videos, compared to good editing decisions that would be a great fit for the people that are watching your videos.

That can come down to the graphics that you’re using, how you’re editing your videos, how fast you’re actually cutting the videos, how slow you’re cutting the videos, your music choices, all of it.

Basically, all the stuff within your video content is going to also dictate how people are going to respond to that content. So because of that any views that you do get, it’s important to look at your audience retention even if it’s a low number of views. So that you can see for those people that are coming in, how are they responding to what it is that you are doing.

Here YouTube Creator Academy explains that how you can check your audience retention report. Here is the screenshot : 

What YouTube Says About Audience Retention

And you can find that audience retention in your youtube analytics even if you’re a mobile content creator, and you only have your phone, you’re just making videos on your phone, doing all of it on your phone, you still have access to one of the most important things which is the audience retention report right inside of your youtube analytics in the youtube creator studio app. This is free you can get it through the google play store and you can get it through iTunes as well.

Do You Have A Big Content  Library

Another thing that’s also important to make sure that you’re keeping in mind when it comes to the results that you’re getting on youtube, is what’s happening up here in terms of your expectations. Because when you’re first starting on youtube, a lot of people are comparing themselves to people that have a content library of 100 videos, 500 videos, a thousand videos things like that.

And when you’re first getting started you only have 10 videos on your channel. You can’t expect a lot of activity to be happening. Because you don’t have a lot of videos out there yet that people are coming in and just watching casually over time.

So for example, if you have 500 videos on your channel and out of all of those 500 videos you have you know 20 people a day, or 50 people a day, or 100 people whatever it happens to be, you have a lot of views coming in every day.

However, if you have 10 videos on your channel then in that situation, you might not have a lot of views coming in every single day based on only having 10 videos on your channel. So it’s really important to not compare yourself to the people that have huge content libraries when you are just getting started on youtube,


So these are the exact reason Why Your Channel Is Not Growing. And to gain more tips and tricks on youtube make sure you subscribe to our newsletter so that you can get more knowledge direct to your inbox. And here I have one more special article for you about 6 Proven Ways To Get More Views For YouTube In 2021. Thank you so much for reading this article. I’ll see you next time. 

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