Instagram Profile Picture Tips You Must Apply In 2022

Instagram Profile Picture Tips You Must Apply In 2022

Hello influencers! Totay I am going to talk about some of Instagram Profile Picture Tips that can add some more effect to your Instagram profile. How do you make an Instagram profile picture that pops? Some of my blog readers asked how to change the background of our Instagram profile picture so that it pops. 

Understand Why An Effective Profile Picture Is Imprtant

If you want your profile to stand out in the busy news feed you’re in the right place because today I’m covering how to make your Instagram profile picture pop and stay here until the end of the article where I’ll share the number one mistake that I see business owners making when it comes to their profile picture. You’re not going to make this mistake because you’re going to read to the end to find out what this is. 

What I’m about to share with you has worked for my student who updated her profile picture and bio which drove tons of visitors to her profile. 

I’ve helped thousands of entrepreneurs, freelancers, and creators like yourself use Instagram to actually drive customers to your business. And in today’s article, I’m covering how to make an Instagram profile picture that pops. 

If You Are The Face Of Your Brand

So when it comes to choosing a profile picture for your Instagram profile what I recommend is this especially if you are the face of your brand, find a headshot, and I want you to crop it so that it shows your shoulders up. That’s right. 

I see a lot of people showing their waist up, or maybe from their feet up but the thing is your profile picture in the news feed is very small, and people won’t see those details. So you want to make your profile picture as simple as possible, and you want people to be able to see your smiling face. Because at the end of the day people do business with people. So find your best headshot and crop it, so that it shoulders up.

In terms of your headshot I want you to choose one where your eyes are looking at the camera, or to the side. The side view can be really effective when you are actually looking at your bio and the link in your bio. 

So if you have an image where you are turned or viewing sideways, make sure that it’s actually pointed towards your bio and not the other way around. 

That could be a good option. Your body language should be towards your bio.

Now for the background of your headshot I recommend a clean and simple backdrop. You don’t want anything too busy. What I also find is that a lot of people have photos where the background behind them looks kind of like a muted gray or brown. 

Now, this isn’t going to pop in the feed very well. So if you have taken a photo and you don’t have a bright-colored background behind you there’s a tool in canva that I love. 

That will actually allow you to erase the background behind you and then you can overlay a color right behind you just like one of my students, who’s done this with her profile picture. She chooses a brand color of orange to represent her brand. 

Let me theoretically tell you how to do this in canva

1) Just create a square post where you will pull in one of your headshots.

2) Now once you have created this in canva and you have to make sure that your photo covers the entire canvas in canva. Make sure it goes right to the very end. 

3) Go over to the effects area. Right in the effects area, you’re going to see something called background remover. So go ahead and click this. And you’ll see without having to do anything else in just one click canva is going to remove the background of your image. Pretty good. This is an amazing tool because for so many years this was a feature that you could only find in something like photoshop.

4) So once you’ve gone ahead, and removed the background of your image, you can then go to elements just grab like a square, or a rectangle, cover your image up. Go to position and hit backward and there you go. Now you have created a beautiful brand turquoise color right behind your headshot. 

5) Now of course you can go ahead and change the color of the background. So go ahead and select that element and then you can choose any of your brand colors that you’ve pre-loaded into canva, or you can hit the gradient reel and choose anything of your liking. I do recommend to find something that’s related to your brand and also something that pops. 

If A Product Represents Your Brand

Now you might be reading all this and thinking “Well! that’s great else but I’m not the face of my brand. I am a product-based business. So what do I choose.”

For most product-based businesses I recommend a lifestyle image, one that really shows your product in lifestyle format. So it could be your number one product, and you really want to feature that. Maybe it’s a t-shirt, maybe it’s a stuffed animal, but find a lifestyle image of a customer using it. 

Or maybe it’s an image from a brand photoshoot and really zoom in on that product if it makes sense. You want to show a customer using it. If it doesn’t make sense to do that you can just show your product on display what most people do here

Usually, the number one mistake that business owners make when it comes to their profile image is they will use a text-based image. Right. They’ll use their logo, or they might use a favicon. But most brands will use a text-based image and the reason why this is a mistake is that remember in the news feed your profile picture is going to show up tiny. 

So when you’re using an image that’s packed with text whether it’s your logo or something else keep in mind that people probably will not be able to read that text. 

So if you’re a product-based business, if your logo is clean, simple, bold, and easy enough to read you can go ahead and try that as your profile image. But if it’s not, I would recommend a product lifestyle image. 


So these are some simpla but effective Instagram Profile Picture Tips you can use to grow your influence on Instagram. If you have some more effective tips make sure that you put them in the comments section below as well.

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