4 Incredible Facebook Post Ideas That Generates Engagement And Sales

4 Facebook Post Ideas That Generates Engagement And Sales

Hello Marketer ! Today I am going to talk about 4 Facebook Post Ideas That Generates Engagement And Sales. I know you creating a ton of content for social media which is awesome but you ever get set of posting something about your product or service that not get so much engagement. How do you actually create engage in Facebook posts and also sell your stuff? Is it possible? Well yes. Here’s how.

We’re always being told to give value. The more we give the more we get. And there’s a part of this that we absolutely agree with. If you come across a Facebook page that is just linking to products and services all the time, that’s gonna be bad.

However, what we don’t agree with is that you should never sell online and never post anything sales like. Because the theory that the more free advice that we give away, the more interest and sales that we get.

Just isn’t true purely. Actually needs to come to a point where we do talk about what we do, how we help people, why people should, and how they can actually buy from us. So how do we actually do that, and more importantly how can you do it in a way that still gets engagement, still gets likes, comments, and even showers. Well, today we’ve got some great examples that do this extremely well that you can learn from. Let’s jump in.

Ask Your Audience Opinion

The first way to do this is to ask for your audience’s opinion and the benefit of doing this is twofold.
Number one it’s engaging because people absolutely love giving their advice and
Number two it’s a great research tool.

For example, if you organize paid consulting event then it would be a good idea what content should go into your paid masterclasses, or which type of cloth do you prefer for the event. All these posts are great for engagement because they invite the audience in to talk about your products and services which just means that more and more people start to see your posts.

Make Your Posts Entertaining

The second way to do this is to make it entertaining. If you’re gonna talk about how awesome you are, then a great way to make this feel less silly is to actually entertain your audience. This works really well. Even when you are selling products on your Facebook page, the posts should be really fun and topical which makes them really shareable.

I will explain this with an example of what I got from some company. You know that nobody wants to watch a testimonials video. So this company created a spoof testimonial video with real testimonials mixed in with them in a conscience. I think this is actually the only testimonials video that I’ve ever watched the full way

Tell Stories Of Your Customers

.Okay, we know that maybe not everyone can do that. So if you can’t do that the third way to do this is to take the focus off yourself and put it on your customers. Telling the stories of your customers online is a great way to not only just talk about your products and services but to also give value and share advice to your potential customers to build all-important trust.

And when you’re actually shining the spotlight on someone else, it’s much more engaging and people are much more likely to comment because you’re not just big. A membership startup also took it one step further by creating a whole podcast called behind the membership, which tells the stories of successful membership site owners and they’re sharing their successes. So think about if you can actually use your customers to create great engaging content that is about your product or set.

Educate Your Audience

And a bonus fourth way of doing this is what we call the bait and switch subliminal by my stuff technique.
This is how it works right. Firstly you lure people in with useful content, educate them properly, give a ton of great advice for free. But try to mention your product or service in passing like a couple of times throughout the content. It’s easy. You should try it.


Let me know in the comments which one of the three techniques that you’re gonna use to sell your stuff on social media. I am reminding you, number one as for your audience’s opinion, number two be entertaining, number three tell your customers stories, and number four educate your audience. If you want to explore more Facebook post ideas you can also refer this article.

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