11 Ninja Facebook Post Ideas for Businesses Growth In 2022

11 Ninja Facebook Post Ideas for Businesses Growth In 2022

Hello in this article we’re going to tell you 11 Ninja Facebook Post Ideas For Business that is going to get you awesome engagement and organic reach on Facebook. 

Sometimes it can be tough to think of ideas and things to post on social media. And it can be even more depressing when you do post something and it doesn’t get any likes or comments. So these are our top-performing post ideas that you could use and get inspiration from.

Post Some News Related To Your Industry

Post the news which is related to your business or audience somehow. These are the most shared pieces of content on Facebook. It can be new updates regarding something related to your business. You can also find some topics which are trending and create your post on them. You can use tools like Google Trends for such activity.

It got shared so much because it is topical and it is hot. So people need to know about this and you have the information and guidance that the audience needed. So you can post something new, changing, or imminent in your industry right now.

Caption This Post

Ask people to caption an interesting image with something funny. People like this and engage with this more because they also want to put their ideas. You can get benefits from this psychology of people and get more comments. In this way, you can get a good reach.

Post Blog Directly On Facebook

Write a blog but instead of posting on your website post it on Facebook. Many people do this amazingly well using Facebook notes because given this much value native to Facebook always goes down super well.

Start A Riddle

You can start a riddle and bonus. Here you can use a messenger bot to give people the answer. This works well because people spend time on your post trying to figure out the answer. 

See when they come in and talk about it and try and guess on your post, then it’s gonna give it a little bit more reach because it’s getting that engagement. It’s cool because they might tell all their friends about it, and say “Hey ! Do you know the answer to this riddle that”.

For example, if you do it you can also get a nice stream of subscribers alongside this. Now you don’t have to use a messenger bot to do these but if you do, it just adds the next level of interaction because you can tell people if they are right or if they are wrong to keep them guessing. This got thousands and thousands of people reached.

Host A Live Q&A

Host a live Q&A on Facebook around a certain topic, a very specific topic. But the catch here is that you must have pre advertised this live Q&A with questions being asked. 

Here’s how we did this with amazing results. We had a new workshop about video marketing. And to promote it we did a specific live Q&A all about video marketing. But the key here is that the live Q&A was pre-advertised. We sent a broadcast message to our audience asking them if they had ever thought of getting started with video marketing. 

Now if they said yes to that question we told them that we would remind them when this workshop is going to happen. But we also then followed up with another question asking them if they had any questions for us. 

Now we had a ton of people subscribe to be reminded about the live Q&A which meant that in the Q&A we were answering questions that people wanted and it was gonna draw people in and it’s things that we never would have thought about answering in the past. 

Then we took this one step further during the live Q&A. We asked people if they wanted to get episode one of our new video, all you have to do is comment with our episode and our team will automatically send that to them. 

This was one of our most popular live sessions ever in terms of reach and providing valuable engaging content and it also provided a lot of sales.

Post Some Achievements

This should not be done in a show-off way but thinking you are excited about or humbled by doing this allows your audience to support you, congratulate you, and be part of that excitement too.

Share Your Backstory

Sharing your back story: Think about what you could share something a little bit more personal to get that traction as well to get people on your side feeling something for you this post had a link in it but it still got over 600 percent organic reach which is pretty amazing

Share A Client Success Story

Share a client success story. But again and not in a bragging or boastful way. Tell a story about how someone went from A to Z and how incredible their journey was. And maybe post some key learning points from that story. This not only shows off your abilities but it shows off your clients and it provides value with the learning points.

Make Fun Of Yourself

Make fun of yourself: Feel free to share an embarrassing photo or an old photo. It just lets people in and shows them again some of your backstories. It is more engaging.

Post A Slideshow Of Best Moments

Whenever we post a winner of ours or something we’re proud of or something cool that we’ve done our origins always comes out and shows their awesome support. So post a little slideshow of wins that your business has achieved.

Start A Divisive Debate

If you can pick up on a divisive viewpoint, perspective angle, and a hot topic, then you can benefit from lots of people commenting, discussing, and arguing. And the more and more people that are commenting the more it will benefit you because all that lovely engagement is going to help you reach more people.


I think you got my point about how you can get more reach on Facebook with these post ideas because the audience is not there on Facebook to buy your product, they are there for getting some information or entertainment value. And if you provide this value to your audience then you will get a reach boost also. And guys if that was not enough then you need to check out our article about 4 Ninja Strategies To Use Facebook For Sale

If you want to learn more about digital tools and also about how to grow your social media profiles like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram related stuff make sure to subscribe to our newsletter right now so you don’t miss anything. Thank you so much for reading this article. I’ll see you next time.

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