How To Plan A Youtube Video For More Audience Retention

How To Plan A Youtube Video For More Audience Retention

I’m going to tell you about How To Plan A Youtube Video For More Audience Retention. So you can make content that’s as good as possible so that ultimately you can get more views and subscribers and we’re starting right now.

Planning YouTube videos is pretty easy once you do it a couple of times. It’s just a basic formula that you put together so that every time you go to make a new video, you just go through this list, and you’re covered. And real quick I’m just curious to know, do you currently plan out your videos. Let me know down in the comments.

Research On Your Video Topic

The first thing that you have to do is to get your video ideas together and you have to research that video idea to make sure that it’s something that people are looking for. You can use tools like Google Trends to research your video topic.

With that research part of the planning process is defining the keyword or the keyword phrase that you’re going to target with your video. During that research process, you’re also going to look around and see if there are any places that you can share that video to maximize the exposure of that video.

And of course, part of that research is also figuring out related words and phrases that you can use in your tags, in your description, and things like that that relate to your video idea.

Create A Script Or Outline For Your Video

The second part of planning a YouTube video is scripting or outlining your idea as part of your scripting. In addition to actually writing out what it is that you’re going to say you’re making notes on the points that you want to make sure that you cover.

Decide Call To Action Of Your Video

You must keep in mind the actual purpose of the video that you’re making. Are you making that particular video to get email subscribers? Are you making that particular video to draw attention to the affiliate links in your description and hopes to get a sale? Are you trying to drive some youtube viewers over to your social media accounts? Whatever the purpose of the video is, keep it in mind when you are writing your script, when you’re putting your outline your talking points together.

If you do this then it’ll help you work in the appropriate calls to action, and the appropriate places in your video. So keep your calls to action and your audience retention in mind when you are putting your scripts together and your outlines together.

And now I’ll go over some audience retention tips. If you are vlogging, or you’re gaming, or you’re doing some type of another spontaneous type of video that a script or an outline doesn’t work with, one thing that you can do is you can put some points together that you’re wanting to cover.

Example : Travelling Videos

For example, let’s say that you make travel videos, just make a few notes of when I go out today, which city I am traveling to, what time I am recording videos, these are a few things that you should make sure that you cover. That will help you get a general plan together, a general structure, or an outline for your video. And it can also kind of help you plan the day. Make sure that you see all the things that you want to see.

Example : Gaming Videos

On the gaming side, if you’re just doing Livestream-type stuff where you are just playing the game and just kind of letting everything evolve and play as it goes, then of course this doesn’t apply.

Plan For Additional Footage & Graphics For Your Video

Three once you have outlined your script together, make a note on any additional footage that you might need, or any additional graphics, text slides, or anything like that you’re going to need for your video.
This is extremely important if you’re a vlogger. Where you’re traveling around and things like that. And you have to make sure that you get footage of this particular.

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You can work that stuff into your script as well. You can make a note and say in this particular part I’m not even gonna be on camera, I’m just going to be talking about it, so I don’t even need to be on camera.

For this, I can just look at my script, or I can look at my outline. And just talk instead of worrying about if my presentation is on point or not.

Other Planning

Once you have your video topic in place, you have your script, your outline together, and you have your graphics and your extra b-roll footage then you can hit that record button and start making some awesome content.

Come To The Point As Soon As Possible

When you are writing your script and you’re writing your outline, you’re structuring your whole video to meet the end goal of whatever purpose it is that you’re putting that video out, get to your content or at least tease your content as soon as you possibly can.

For example tell people as soon as your video starts what it is that you’re going to do for them, what kind of content can they expect from your video. Of course, knowing that isn’t going to work for every single kind of video out there but if you’re doing any type of presentation stuff to where you’re going to be in front of the camera you’re going to be sharing helpful information with people, or helping people solve a problem.

Use Open Loops Or Coming Up Stuff

number two: Use open loops: An open loop is basically when you tease something that’s going to be coming later in the video. Tou gives a little bit of information saying something that might be coming, or a little bit of information you’re going to be sharing but you don’t share that information yet. It’s a teaser for something that’s going to happen maybe a minute, or 2 minutes, or 30 seconds later in your video.

It’s the same idea that TV shows use when they give you a post-credit scene at the end of a series to make sure that you’re thinking about the next series it’s going to be coming out. So when it comes out you’re going to be there for it.

Use Your Talking Pace Effectively

Another tip that I want to give you is while you’re recording your video and you’re saying whatever it is that you’re going to say play with your pacing a little bit. You know speed things up a little bit when you can and then bring everything down to a little bit slower pace.

And what happens when you do this is, it helps keep viewers from getting used to and bored with the pacing of your video. You can easily work that into your script or your outline just by putting little notes You can speak the initial part of a video at a faster speed because during the start time of the video you have not grabbed all the attention of your viewer. But after some time when you gained the full attention of your viewer, you can go at a slow speed.


Okay, so these are the some basic things which can be used when you are planning your YouTube videos and can create a nice video piece for your YouTube channel. And if you learned something new today tell us in comment section.

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