3 Super Hacks To Get More Youtube Subscribers In 2022

3 Hacks To Get More Youtube Subscribers In 2022

Hello YouTubers! Hope you are well. I’m gonna share with you 3 Super Hacks To Get More Youtube Subscribers In 2022  and every YouTuber needs to know. If you are a YouTuber then there are many things you need to know but these three things are very crucial and most YouTubers ignore it or don’t know about it.

So I wanted to share those with you today so that you can know how to implement them, how to do them, and how to rock on real quick. If there’s anything that you think YouTubers should do that you see a lot of people overlooking, leave it down in the comments below.

Check If Some Influencer Subscribed Your Channel

The very first thing is it’s important to know who subscribes to you, and how to know when someone of Influence subscribes to your YouTube channel.

Why This Is Important

This is important. Because if some influencer subscribes to your YouTube channel that means they are interested in your content in some way, or they’re at least keeping an eye on you. When you find out that they subscribe to your channel that’s an excellent time to reach out to them just to start a conversation for the sake of collaboration.

How To Do This With Tools

To do this you log into Tubular Labs and sign up for an account. This is free. Once you sign up, go to your account, and then settings and there you will see some options. If you wish you can turn on the daily summary. What that is is they will send you a daily email to let you know how your channel and your videos are currently comparing to this time last week. And they’ll also let you know what your top-performing videos are, which is pretty cool.

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In addition to that after you have that notification turned on, you’re going to see four little email icons. One is the level of subscriber count’ you are interested in being notified about.

Add Subscribe PupUp Link To Video Description

The next thing that you need to know is how to add an auto-subscribe link to your video description. And the reason that this is important is that a lot of people subscribe through that link down in your description. There are two ways to do this.

How To Do It Manually

One is to add one very long untrackable link to your video description. To do that you just add a special text to the end of your channel URL. To get your channel URL you just go to your channel page, copy the link, drop it in a notepad, and then add “?sub_confirmation=1” to it so that you get a popup when somebody clicks on it. Make sure you should click it and test it and make sure it works.

How To Do It With Tools

The other much easier trackable and very short way to do this is through TubeBuddy. If you do not already have a TubeBuddy account you can set one up now. But once you have an account on TubeBuddy this is what you do. You log into your TubeBuddy account and then you will see the icon for promo tools. Make sure that you click on that.

Once you are in the promotional tools area, scroll down to the channel page with the subscription pop-up link option. All you have to do from there is copy and paste that link into the descriptions of your future videos.

If you want to make it easy on yourself, you can go ahead and add that link to your upload defaults inside of your creator studio so that anytime you upload a video it’s going to be the first thing so you don’t have to go and find it every time.

Why This Is Important

The reason you should add this to your descriptions is that it makes subscribing to your channel that much easier which means that over time you’re going to get more subscribers from it. And when you first add the trackable link to your description, you’re going to notice not a lot of people are clicking on it but when your channel has a lot of views, a large video library, you’re going to be shocked by the number of people that click on that link.

Optimize Your About Page Of Channel

Another thing that’s important that a lot of people overlook is optimizing your about page. Your channel about page work like your channel resume because it shows audience what is your channel about and what the viewers are going to get in this channel. So write it carefully.

Show Details Of Channel When Viewer Search Something

What I mean is if someone searches for something and they are not subscribed to your channel, and they hover over your channel name to see what’s going on with your channel, this is what they see. So you should make sure that how you layout the text on your about page so that they see what your channel is about immediately.

Show Details Of Channel In Other’s Comment Section

This same thing applies if they hover over your channel icon or your channel name in the comments as well. So you must optimize this first to see if yours is optimized. If you need to change it then simply go to your about me page on your channel and rearrange the text so that you put what your channel is about and what you’re offering your viewers.


Okay, so these are the three basic things which are most commonly ignored by new YouTubers because they don’t know about their important. But in a long run these three thnigs plays a crucial rold. But honestly, I could go on if you want me to make a part two to this article comment below to let me know. And if you learned something new today tell us in comment section.

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