Professional Way To Invite Friends To Like Your Facebook Page

Professional Way To Invite Friends To Like Your Facebook Page

Welcome back to another article. In today’s article we will talk about the Professional Way To Invite Friends To Like Your Facebook Page. This article is going to be answering a question that you guys sent to me in the comments. Thank you so much for that. I love getting questions. 

There is a big difference between the options that you get when you are just a regular admin of a Facebook page, and you have not gone over to the Facebook business manager. 

I know a lot of you probably aren’t excited about working within the Facebook business manager, but you are getting more options with that platform. 

So if you want to know how to start with the Facebook business manager, you can check this article from Facebook. It will tell you in detail what Facebook business manager is and how it works. 

But for those of you who already know about this. they should also know what is the difference between working on regular Facebook and with Facebook Business Manager. So I’m going to show you the difference between these two. 

When you invite friends to like your Facebook page, I’m assuming you already know how to invite your friends to like your page. The question is, what does it say? And can I customize the message? 

So when you invite someone, all you get when you’re in the regular admin is to send an invite. So it basically just says, Hey, ABCD has invited you to like his/her page XYZ. That’s the notification they get. It’s very automatic. There’s no customization at all in this view. 

However, if you go into business manager and you go through the process of inviting your friends, you can easily just customize your message and write whatever you want. So that’s the cool thing about this business manager. 

Also, please, don’t forget that you can send this to the messenger. So they’ll get a notification on their Facebook notifications or through email, depending on how they have their accounts set up. And you can also invite them by messenger. 

Don’t forget that you’ve got 230 characters or 250 characters to write to them, make it nice, make it personal. And I bet you’re going to start to see more people like your business page. 

Hope it helps. If you found this article helpful, please tell us in the comment section. And you can also share this article with someone who is new in this social media industry so that it can help them to send page-like invitations effectively. 

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