Should I Quit YouTube (Stop ! Read These 7 Factors First)

Should I Quit YouTube

Being a content creator can be difficult, and because of that a lot of people will start a YouTube channel but then they’ll quickly give up and think “Should I Quit YouTube“. But I don’t want you to be one of those people. So I’m gonna tell you how to avoid giving up on YouTube and all the reasons that people typically quit, and we’re starting right now.

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Often people ask this question that how can it be possible to not give up on YouTube because this is so frustrating that you keep up good work on your channel and don’t get any response.

That’s a great question, and I’m so glad to answer this because a majority of content creators do give up. So if you’re watching this and you are a content creator, I wanna help you not give up, so here’s what you need to do.

Should I Quit YouTube: The Very First Factor

The very first thing that you have to consider when it comes to YouTube is that YouTube is a long experience, and what I mean by that is it’s going to take a while in most cases to get some real momentum happening on your channel. And because of that, it’s super important to make sure that you are making content that you really enjoy because burnout on YouTube is a real thing,

I know that it’s kind of a phrase that gets thrown around a lot, but it’s a real thing, and, it comes in many forms. For example, your burnout might be represented in the idea that you just don’t wanna make content anymore, your burnout could be represented in the idea that when you’re in your YouTube comments and you’re looking at comments, you’re thinking to yourself, why are all these people leaving comments on my channel, why are they asking questions like this, what is going on?

It could also be represented by you just simply giving up, it could also be represented by you simply unplugging. And what I mean by that is you’re not paying attention to comments, you’re not paying attention to social media or anything else that’s going on around your YouTube channel. You just seem to not care anymore, even though you started a YouTube channel because you were passionate about it and you wanted to do it.

Understand That YouTube Is A Long Game

And the wanting to do it the thing is the part that I really wanna expand on here. Because when it comes to YouTube, it’s really important. After all, it is a long game, it is a long process in most cases, I mean in all cases, even if you start great, you’re still gonna be doing this for a while.

But, because YouTube is a long game, you have to build sustainability and do what it is that you’re doing. And the best way to do that is to make content around things that you really enjoy, because if you’re putting out content, because you’re thinking “hey, I’m gonna put up this type of content. after all, channels that make this type of content typically grow faster”, then what you’re doing is you’re actually working against yourself.

Keep Yourself Happy While Making Your Content

YouTube growth without happiness means nothing. So, you wanna make sure that whatever content it is that you’re putting out there, is stuff that you actually really enjoy. The subject matter that you’re talking about or if you’re going animations, whatever it happens to be, that you just love making that type of content or talking about that particular thing, that’s number one.

Once you get that sustainability side taken care of to where you’re making content that you enjoy and you know “hey this is stuff that I can make content about for years to come”.

Don’t Pressurize Yourself For Posting So Much Content

The next thing on the list is pacing. And by pacing I simply mean the cadence of your upload schedule or how often you’re uploading videos to YouTube. Because here’s the thing, we all know as content creators, we all know that making content can be a lengthy process. In some cases it can take you an hour, in other cases if you’re doing really detailed things, it can take you several hours, several days or even a month, depending on the type of content you make.

So it’s really easy to lose time from other things that you care about or take away from time from doing those other things that you care about, and put it on your YouTube channel, especially if you’re really focused on growth.

So because of that, if you don’t wanna give up. It’s really important to make sure that the amount of uploads that you’re doing fits comfortably into your lifestyle. I mean don’t get me wrong, I understand going after it and saying, “Hey, I’m gonna do everything I can to make sure that I upload a lot and that I’m doing all of the right things, so that I can grow my channel as fast as possible”, like I understand that, but with life, it’s also important to make sure that you have some kind of balance or else you’re gonna be really high over here but you’re gonna be really low over here.

So what you should do in that situation is you wanna upload enough so that you are still putting content out onto YouTube, and you’re still generating new momentum that you need and things like that.

But you also don’t wanna put out so much content and be so in the grind of making videos that you completely disconnect from your friends, your family, any of your social life, or any of the other hobbies that you have just because you wanna grow a YouTube channel.

So with that in mind, just making sure that you’re putting out content on a schedule that you can actually keep up with so that you don’t feel the pressure. Because part of the reasons that people quit YouTube is because they feel all this pressure like “I gotta make so much content because I have to post daily”.

But unfortunately, that creates a lot of pressure that you probably don’t need in your life, and that pressure can actually lead to burnout, and that burnout can lead to you quitting YouTube. So pace yourself, upload at a comfortable pace that fits comfortably into your lifestyle.

Don’t Overwhelm Yourself With Lots Of Information

Now this next one will probably resonate with you really strongly if you’re a new content creator, so let me know in the comments, but basically, the next thing on this list is overwhelming.

Look, there’s a lot that goes into growing your YouTube channel, and because of that, there’s a lot of things that you need to know when you are growing your YouTube channel.

And because of that, you’re out there, and you’re consuming all this information, you’re watching videos, you’re watching videos like this trying to figure it all out and when are doing all of that, you’re hearing all of these different things that you need to do.

And when you’re doing all of these different things, it can get overwhelming because while you’re trying to plug this hole over here, you find out that you have this whole big stream of not working, getting new view stuff coming in from this side, so then you gotta go over and plugin that.

And then next thing you know, you have all this big waterfall of things that are not helping you grow your channel coming from here, and then you’re like, “Oh gosh, well I gotta fix that.”

So then you’re there fixing that, trying to fix all the problems that you’re having there, and the next thing you know, you have this big eruption of things that are not growing your channel coming up from the bottom, right?

So there’s just a lot of things that are involved, and as a new content creator while you’re trying to get a handle on all this stuff, what’s happening is you’re getting all of this information just flooding into your brain and it’s great,

It’s wonderful information, however, it can also be overwhelming because you’re just trying to get the ball rolling, you’re just trying to get an understanding on how this stuff works. And the really funny thing about that is from a concept standpoint. It’s extremely easy but it’s also extremely difficult at the same time.

But either way, tons of information is wrapped around all of the concepts. And all the different skills that you need to have or that you should have, and things like that, so it can create an overwhelming experience for you when you’re first coming onto YouTube. Just because there are so many different things to do.

So, to fix this problem, just like we did with the uploads schedule problem, it’s really important to make sure that you are pacing yourself when it comes to the education that you’re consuming when it comes to your YouTube channel.

I mean, we all want results fast, I totally get that, but the idea is it’s really difficult to fix a bunch of things at one time, where if you focus on saying, “Okay, I’m gonna work on this thing here for the next few days or the next week, and I’m gonna focus on it really good, I’m gonna watch videos on it and I’m gonna really try to understand what this thing is or how to do this thing the most efficient way.”

And just focus on improving that, just for a short period of time and then move onto the next thing, or just pick a couple of things and just focus on doing those few things better instead of trying to do everything all at once.

Because if you try to do everything all at once, you’ll get overwhelmed, and overwhelm will also lead to burnout, and it will also lead to horrible feelings and it will cause you to stop uploading to YouTube.

Are You Running So Many YouTube Channels

Another reason a lot of people quit YouTube channels is that the grass is greener on the other side concept. And what that means is you have a YouTube channel over here, because you said in your particular situation you started seven different YouTube channels.

So what’s happening is you have one YouTube channel here and you start uploading to that channel and you start thinking, ah, you know, maybe the content’s not right, maybe I’m not targeting it right, maybe I didn’t put in enough effort on this channel as I should have, maybe it will be easier to do this one over here.

And because of that, your brain thinks, well if I just change everything then it’ll be easier, so then you go and you start a new YouTube channel and then you start that channel and you’re like, “Oh, wait a minute, this one’s hard too, maybe if I make content about this it’ll be easier”.

And then you jump to that one, and then you go over to the next the same thing happens there, and you just keep repeating that process.

The thing that really sucks about that approach is you’re jumping all over the place. You’re trying to get all of these things going, all these different fires doing, but you’re actually not focusing the energy on one long enough to actually get any traction moving on one, or any, of the projects that you’re working on.

So, pick an audience that you wanna make content for, pick a type of content that you’d love to make, that would be a great fit for that particular audience, have a channel around that, and don’t stop, consistently upload to that YouTube channel. And for choosing your niche traffic and niche competition you can use tools like Tubebuddy and VidIQ. These are awesome tools and will help you with what type of content you should focus on.

But anyway, the idea is just picking something and being focused on it for an extended period of time so that you can become known in your space in the type of content that you make as somebody that makes that type of content. You can become a resource for people that are looking for that type of content,

And every single day as new people are discovering you and all of the different places that you’re active on the internet, you’re slowly feeding them into your YouTube channel. And all the other content that you put out on the internet, and you get known for that particular type of content around that particular type of thing. And that’s a process that you have to go through instead of jumping all over the place.

Overthinking Is Also A Problem With You

Okay, this next one is probably gonna hit home a lot too. Now, when content creators are uploading videos to YouTube, in addition to all of the different things that you have to deal with mentally in terms of “hey, are people liking my stuff, do they find me annoying, do they like the information that I’m sharing, do they like how I’m putting my videos together and having”. 

All of these things going on in your brain about if people like you or not, or like your content or not, you also have you to deal with, and often we are our own worst critics.

That voice in our head that’s like, “Hey dude, that video isn’t good, hey man, why did your last video not do as good as the one before it, hey man, why did you wear that Mickey Mouse shirt in your video, that was such a bad idea, hey man, why did you say things that way, you sounded stupid, why did you do that? But you have this voice in your head that really starts working against you when you’re sitting there and you’re critiquing yourself, and you’re really trying to work on, hey, how do I do this better”.

By doing that you are just putting yourself into insanity in some cases because you have all the feedback that you’re getting from everybody that’s watching your content. But then you also have that internal voice that in some cases, depending on the type of person you are, it can you lift you and be like, “Hey, it’s cool, we got this, but in other cases that voice is gonna be like, hey, we need to stop, we need to stop doing this right now”.

And unfortunately, a lot of new content creators will listen to that negative inner voice and they will throw in the towel, and they’ll be like, “You know what, maybe this just isn’t for me”, even though they didn’t even give themselves a chance to get any actual real momentum, to get any actual real exposure, to get any actual feedback from what it is that they’re doing on YouTube.

But anyway, don’t be so hard on yourself, cut it out, you’re a human being, we’re all humans, we all have these emotions inside of us, we all have these things that we go through in terms of working ourselves through those moments when we are being a little bit more difficult on ourselves, so just give yourself a break.


So these are the factors you should think about before you decide to quit YouTube. To learn even more about growing your YouTube channel make sure you subscribe to our newsletter so that you can get more knowledge direct to your inbox.

And if you are a new YouTuber and thinking how can you boost your watchtime then here is an special article for you which will tell you about 9 Awesome Tips To Make People Watch More Than One Video On Your YouTube Channel. Thank you so much for reading this article. I’ll see you next time. 

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