Should I Upload Daily On YouTube (Pros And Cons)

Should I Upload Daily On YouTube

Many new YouTubers generally ask this question that Should I Upload Daily On YouTube? Will it affect my channel positively? Will my channel growth will increase exponentially? I am going to answer all these questions here.

A lot of people participate in this type of challenge because it’s fun, or maybe it’s a challenge or something like that. So I want to talk about the pros and cons of participating in these mass upload trends on youtube and we’re starting right now.

Should I Upload Daily On YouTube – Pros

Let’s start with the pros or the advantages of uploading to youtube during these periods of time.

It Will Develop Your Video Making Skill

The very first advantage that participating in these types of events can have for you is it’s going to help you develop your skill sets a little bit faster because where it might take you 6 months to make 30 videos, in this case, you’re going to be doing it in a month.

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You’re going to develop the skill of mass production and when it comes to youtube that can be a huge win. Because let’s say that you are going to take a vacation or you have something big, some huge event coming up in your life and you’re like hey I want to put out some content or make some content so that I can have some in the queue. So I can go, do this thing well by making all of that content.

When you’re participating in one of these mass upload events you’re going to give yourself the advantage of already knowing how to mass-produce or mass-create content. You’re also going to get better at time management when it comes to what it is that you’re doing with your youtube videos and how it is that you’re doing everything around youtube because you’re going to have to pull off one of these challenges.

You Can Increase Your Mass Production Capacity

The next pro is it’s going to make coming back to a regular schedule. Let’s say you upload between one and three times per week is gonna make that seem like a breeze after you just did 30 videos in a row every single day during one of these mass upload events and real quick because this is starting to sound like “hey this might be awesome. Maybe I should start doing this.

There are also some cons or some disadvantages to doing this as well. So hang tight we’re going to get to those.

You Are Winning The Challenge

Another advantage that you’re going to have when you participate in these events is you’re going to have that period of time. Let’s say if it’s a 30-day event to where you’re going to fill out your content library so that’s a win. You’ll also be able to say “You Did It.”.

Which is a win because it’s a challenge. You set yourself up for and then you saw it through. So that’s a good thing you’re going to learn what it’s like to do daily content.

So when people are talking about doing daily content, you can relate. So that’s a good thing I guess. And you might see a surge in viewership. If you already have an audience or if the content you’re putting out is high-response content you might see a surge in viewership.

Should I Upload Daily On YouTube – Cons

But you also might not which leads us to the cons or the disadvantages of participating in these events.

Your Viewers Have A Limited Time To Watch Content

The very first disadvantage when you are participating in these mass upload events is that you are participating in a mass upload event. And this is why that’s a problem. The people that you are trying to reach with your content only have a certain amount of time in the day. And typically if your content is part of that schedule and then they have other content creators that they watch on other days. Well, guess what now there’s going to be a lot of competition around all of their time.

You Have To Face Unnesecerry Competition With Other Content Creators

This is why the alternative approach I’m going to be talking about here in just a minute is something to consider but real quick if we just go back to the idea of uploading at the same time that a bunch of other people is uploading and we put that into a real-life scenario. Let’s say since viewers still have the same amount of time to watch content that you and a handful of other people and the type of content that you make are also uploading daily content.

Well, guess what you’re doing is you are basically flooding the system with that type of content while a bunch of other people is flooding the system with that type of content. And that can help you get in front of more people as long as your content is competitive enough to be near the top of that pile in terms of the stuff.

That’s the high response to the things that you talk about, or the things that you show, or the things that you share.

You May Compromise Content Quality

Another negative in this situation is depending on the type of content that you put out. If you are just scurrying around trying to whip videos together for the sake of making sure that you hit the deadlines because the goal is now I gotta get a video up every day instead of I gotta serve my viewers with the best possible content that I can give them, that might put you in a situation to where you’re uploading content that just isn’t up to par or it’s completely off-topic.

You May Be Unable To Deliver Value To Your Viewers

But wait, there’s more and in addition to the quality or possible quality issue, you just have the thing to where you might be just trying to rush videos out, and since you’re trying to rush videos out you’re not really focused on the value that you normally bring to the people that are coming to your youtube channel. And then there is unneeded, unnecessary, unhealthy stress that can come from uploading every single day as well.

Because if all of a sudden you go from one video a week or two videos a week or three videos a week to this feeling of I have to upload every single day this month because a bunch of other people is doing it and it’s fun, it’s like a youtube trend thing. Therefore, I need to do it.

There Is A Chance Of Burnout

When you start putting that type of stress on yourself those are the sorts of things that can lead to youtube burnout that you always hear about. And look I’m not saying that you are going to burn out, or that you are going to put out low effort content, I’m just saying that some people will, and some of those people might reading this article.

You May Not Focus On Your Video Promotion Strategy

Think about another thing that could work against you when you are participating in these trends is let’s say you put out 30 videos. And because you’re just rushing to put out the videos, you’re not really thinking through and being intentional about everything it is that you’re doing. And because of that, your approach to those videos is a little bit different. You’re not thinking of how to interlink that content, or where to drive viewers from video to video or anything like that.

Because you’re just trying to publish. And because of that you could miss the opportunity to send people into more of your content, or bring awareness to something important to you through your content. Because you’re just trying to rush and hurry up and get some videos out again.

And by the way here I will mention here you can use tools TubeBuddy and VidIQ to make your promotional strategy for your YouTube Channel.

What Is The Alternative Idea

Before we get into the alternative ideas of other options that you have I do want to make it clear again that I understand that these things are fun, and people participate just for the sake of participating. And you know if you love making content then it’s something that can drive you to get your workflow together.

But I’m just trying to share different perspectives here so that you can make the call on what’s best for you with the disclaimer out of the way. Let’s talk about some alternatives.

Choose A Different Month From Other To Try This Daily Upload

The very first alternative is to pick a month when nobody else is uploading daily content in your space. So let’s say that you’re a vlogger or you are somebody to wear a lot of people in the type of content that you make or participating in this vlog every day in April thing.

Then in that situation wait a month. Right. Go ahead and just make the content now every two days. And just put it on a hard drive, or store it on your computer, or whatever and get it ready for next month. So that next month when everybody else isn’t publishing content all the time you are just hitting people every single day with the content that you are publishing for your own personal month.

The idea here is that you are virtually eliminating your competition because you are not uploading daily at the same time that all of these other people are hopping on this trend to upload daily.

Go For Mass Production But For Future Upload Plan

Another thing to consider is if you are uploading every day during these trends, let’s say the vlog every day and April trend well you’re creating 30 videos over that month, and if you were to just publish one of those videos per week every week and normally you upload one video per week, that would give you an extra video per week six months down the line. So you could create the content do.

It may be just a little bit slower, a little bit more intentional, and then just go ahead and stack up against your archive of videos to publish.

So you don’t ever have to even consider burning out on youtube because you have already slowly at your pace, created a bunch of content that you’re just going to slowly release over the next three months, or the next six months as either additional content to what you normally do, or just as the content that you’re going to publish on your youtube channel

Personally, I would do it as extra content but if you are batch creating that much content you might end up in a situation like we were talking about before where you’re just focused on making the videos not necessarily focusing on the value of your viewers.

But if you are going to participate and say “yeah you know what I’ve committed to doing this” just you might want to consider publishing some of that content to increase the cadence of uploads that you’re currently putting out on your youtube channel as another alternative.

If You Think You Can Do That Then Go For It

And one more time I want to say that again if you are doing this and you’re participating in these mass upload events because it’s just fun and you’re like “hey I just like making videos, I’m just doing this for fun and it’s just something that I think is a good time”. 

I’m not trying to discourage you in any way shape or form. You must have fun, you must do that. I’m just trying to let you know that just because a lot of other people are doing it doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s the right thing to do. And it also doesn’t mean that it’s the wrong thing to do. But I’m just wanting to give you some stuff to think about.

Now if you are going to be participating in one of these mass trend events, it is important to make sure that the content that you are putting out that there is as much effectiveness behind it as possible. So you want to make sure that you are researching the topics and things like that. 


So these are some pros and cons of situations when you Daily Upload On YouTube. And to gain more tips and tricks on youtube make sure you subscribe to our newsletter so that you can get more knowledge direct to your inbox.

And if you are a new YouTuber and you want to avoid all the mistakes there is a special article for you which will tell you about 14 Mistakes New YouTubers Make And How To Fix Them Smartly. Thank you so much for reading this article. I’ll see you next time.

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