9 Stupid Reasons Why Your YouTube Video Not Showing In Search

YouTube Video Not Showing In Search

If you’re making videos for youtube search, and your YouTube Video Not Showing In Search regardless of the titles that you use, the tags that you use, the descriptions that you use, and all that. You just can’t get your videos to show up in search. I’m gonna tell you why and we’re starting right now.

Irritating Question: Why Your YouTube Video Not Showing In Search

This question is generally asked by many people “if I have my tags with XYZ and my title with XYZ, and my channel name that won’t get a result from a search for XYZ, that doesn’t make any sense at all. How will I grow when people can’t find my channel?”

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This is a fantastic question. It comes up quite a bit actually. And the reason it comes up quite a bit because a lot of people have the same problem, where they’re using the right title, they’re using the right words in the description, they’re using the right words in their tags but no matter what they do, their videos still are not showing up when somebody searches for whatever it is that they’re making videos about in youtube search.

Your Metadata Is Not Correct

And just in case you don’t know what metadata is. Metadata is your title tags description captions also as well I think and as well pretty much mean the same thing but we’re gonna roll with it anyway. But when it comes to youtube search the important thing to think about is of course giving context to what it is that your video is about is extremely important for youtube systems.

Because you know adding keywords and keyword phrases and making your you know video metadata about that thing it’s important because it does. Regardless of what you’ll hear it is important to helping their systems identify topically what the video is about.

Because you know the captions they’ll figure it out um you know your title tags and descriptions just help make that process uh faster and simpler for their systems and it just makes it to where it’s a lot more accurate.

Relevance, Engagement, And Quality Is Missing

But youtube search doesn’t just title tags and description. When it comes to youtube search there are other factors at play as well. For example, youtube tells us that at youtube search we prioritize three main elements to provide the best search results. Those are relevance, engagement, and quality. And then they tell us and I’m telling you this part right here just. So that you don’t mix up what quality means.

By their interpretation, they tell us “that for quality our systems are designed to identify signals that can help determine which channels demonstrate expertise. authoritativeness and trustworthiness on a given topic“. So you must understand that.

But wait there’s even more youtube also tells us in the youtube creator academy that when people have the myth in terms of this situation that we’re talking about right now “my videos have fully optimized titles and descriptions why don’t they rank higher“.

What YouTube Says About Search

The truth and they say this in the youtube creator academy search consider mini signals including the watch time of a particular video for a particular query.

YouTube Is Unable To Identify Your Video Relevance, Engagement, And Quality 

Okay so let’s unpack some of that information. So basically what they’re saying, in a nutshell, is they’re saying that what’s important to them. They’re trying to identify the stuff that is the most relevant to the query that people are putting into their system.

So for example, if I’m looking for how to train a dog then they are showing the videos based on what it is that I’m looking for in terms of videos that are optimized for how to train a dog. And their system is also looking for authoritativeness on that as well.

So if you have an entire channel full of dog training content, then what’s happening in that situation is you are increasing your authoritativeness on that particular subject. And then they also add trustworthiness to it to where if you’re just always giving out great content, people are coming back, you’re giving out good advice. You’re not doing anything like shady or anything like that.

Then what you’re doing is you’re basically putting points in the system without a better way to say it. You’re putting points in the system for those things in terms of youtube systems identifying that. You are the right person that has that particular piece of content. That is trustworthy. Their users can get a good quality experience from when they show it to them in search.

Your Video Click Through Rate Is Bad

So if we take that even further and we also apply the other things that are important to youtube in terms of click-through rate and how much watch time they generate per impression for each place that you show up on the platform, then the same thing applies to youtube search as well.

If you have your video optimized in terms of all the right metadata, title, tag, descriptions, captions, all that good stuff but you can’t get people to click on your video, or once they click on your video they’re not watching the video for a fair enough amount of time, or they’re not engaging in that video in any way to show youtube that it is a quality experience for that viewer. Well, guess what your videos are not going to continue to be presented in a search.

Because when they do show up there people are not clicking on them so instead of showing your videos there, when you are optimizing them for search instead of showing your videos there they’re going to show videos in those spots that are proven to give people that satisfactory experience, instead of showing yours in that particular spot.

You Are Far Behind From Your Competition

And right about now is where you’re probably having the thought of that all sounds fantastic but if I’m you know making these videos and I’m competing against all these other videos on the platform that are you know, authoritative over this subject and they’re optimized well for it, they’re getting people to click and get people to watch like, how can I even try to get a shoo-in for some of these heavier search results like how or higher traffic search results, how can I do that?

You Are Not Using Long Tail Keyword

The typical approach when it comes to that that you’ll always hear people talking about is to go long tail. And what that means is that when you are optimizing for youtube search the particular topic of your video and the keyword or keyword phrase that you’re optimizing for, you’re actually going long tail. This means that you’re being very specific about, who it is that you’re trying to reach or what that video is actually about.

Here Is Example

So let’s say for example that I’m targeting youtube tips and I’m to use myself as an example because you are familiar with my content so if I was targeting youtube tips then, of course, I would optimize around youtube tips that would be part of what I was going for.

Maybe the main keyword or keyword phrase that I was going for but to give myself a chance to rank at something like let’s say I was a new youtube channel and I was competing against all these other people then in that situation, I would go for something more long tail, or more specific like youtube tips for beginners, youtube tips for new YouTubers, or you know all of the different ways that people are looking for youtube tips.

I would just go for something very specific that way. And by doing so I’m being very specific about how I’m optimizing that video. But I would actually research all that stuff first so I can actually be very specific about the actual content as well.

So I can make sure that the content that I would be making for that particular term would be a fantastic fit if somebody did run across an insurgent if they did click on it. So that they can get all the stuff that I told you is important to youtube.

But when you’re trying to go for something like a single word, it can be really difficult because basically there’s tons of context there in terms of just what exactly is your video about. 

I told you before in terms of being authoritative and trustworthy and all that good stuff. But in addition to all of that the hardest thing for content creators to get over the hardest hump. So to speak for content creators to get over is the hump of I’m making this content I’m optimizing for it.

You Are Targeting High Competition Keywords

But I’m not showing up why the right and one of the biggest problems is because when people are making content, they’re optimizing for search, they’re either not doing their research beforehand. And again you can use tubebuddy or VidIQ for this but they’re not doing the research to really know who it is that they’re trying to rank up against.

And because of that, they’re trying to go for something really difficult that they’re gonna have a really difficult time. If they can even squeeze into that term at all. But to even get in there, they have to have really really high response content.

When instead they could go for something more long tail and very specific which would, in turn, be easier to rank for. But don’t get me wrong like that stuff is also competitive. But it’s typically easier to rank for because you’re being more specific and the content that you’re making is also specific to that part of that subject.

You Ranked But Due To Bad Video Quality You Outranked

But here’s the thing when it comes to youtube and this is the hard pill to swallow, that I was talking about when it comes to youtube another thing that content creators don’t want to face a lot of times is this.

Let’s say that you are competing for something in terms of search rankings that isn’t very competitive. And you’re still not showing up. Well, you’re still just getting completely outranked. In that situation well that’s because when youtube does show your content there, people are not clicking on it watching. It further engaging in it or they’re not getting that satisfactory experience that youtube is after.

And therefore they move your video down and they move the videos that do give that satisfactory experience, or the people do click, on more than they do watch more than they do further engage with that they do share with people and all that they move those into those higher spots. Because those are proven performers on the platform.

You Are Not Niching Down

So something really important to think about in terms of long-term growth on a youtube channel is that you know how they were talking about authoritativeness on a subject. This is where niching down comes in where you’re always hearing people like me talking about niching down that you can. Now make sure that you know who it is that you’re trying to reach. So you can make the content that you care about the reason for.

That is because of that whole thing right one because it turns your channel into a resource of a certain type of content. But also because it can make your channel an authoritative channel an authority channel to where when people are looking for information on that thing then your channel is one of the ones that are popping up all over the place.

So in your specific case for the XYZ channel in your specific case, keep making that type of content, and if you keep making that type of content and you’re optimizing it all properly, and you’re getting people to click on it at a fair rate, and you’re creating a good experience when they actually watch it as well, you can see this in your audience retention reports

But if you can do those things over and over and over again, you can keep seeding that content for all these different search terms that are long-tail, or that they’re very specific. Then in that situation what you’re going to do overtime is you’re going to build that authority, you’re going to build that trustworthiness, you’re going to build videos that are going to be referring.

You know people to other of your videos when they are watching, you know the single video and because of that youtube will over time be able to identify that that is what your channel is about, that the whole you know everything about the channel is about that type of content. And therefore when people are looking for specific things around that type of content then youtube will, of course, help your surface, as long as you’ve optimized for it as long as people respond to it.


So these are the reason Why Your YouTube Video Is Not Showing In Search. To learn even more about growing your youtube channel make sure you subscribe to our newsletter so that you can get more knowledge direct to your inbox. And here I have one more article for you about How Can You Grow Your Channel Faster By Using These 11 Tricks. Thank you so much for reading this article. I’ll see you next time. 

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  2. Bro my channel named Nattu’S kitchen. My channel name shows in serch and videos shows in channel page. But videos not showing in youtube search. I was getting 5k, 6k views in 10 days. All of a sudden its droped due to not showing in search. I don’t know the reason. Can u please help how to solve this.

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