YouTube May Delete Your Channel Due To These 4 Massive Mistakes

YouTube May Delete Your Channel


I’m going to tell you four things that tons of content creators do, and because of that YouTube May Delete Your Channel, which means all of that hard work and effort that you’re putting into your channel gone it will no longer exist. So pay attention to all of the things that I’m going to be talking about here.

Why YouTube May Delete Your Channel: The Hardest Side

Okay, so when you look around youtube you’re going to see content creators doing all kinds of crazy things and the reason that they’re doing all types of crazy things is that you know everybody’s trying to grow and get attention and all that stuff.

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But in addition to that people are doing things that they just don’t know are a huge mistake, and can cost them their youtube channel. So we’re going to talk about those things because I know you don’t want to lose your youtube channel.

Tag Stuffing

The very first thing on this list that is extremely common and I don’t know why it’s so common. I don’t know if it’s because somebody made a video about it and recommended it, I don’t know if it’s because there’s just not enough information out there about it, I don’t know if it’s because people misunderstand what tags and keywords, and all that stuff is, I don’t know why. But the thing that can get your channel deleted is called tag stuffing.

What Is Tag Stuffing

Tag stuffing is also known as keyword stuffing is where instead of using the tag box that youtube gives us people cram a bunch of tags or keywords that they’re trying to bring attention to the video for. They will just cram a bunch of those down in the video description.

Youtube does not like that and any content that they find that has the tags filled up in the description like that is at risk of being deleted off of youtube.

What YouTube Says About This

In fact, Youtube Support specifically says the following types of content are not allowed on youtube. Placing excessive tags in the video description tag stuffing rather than placing them as tags upon upload it’s not a lot on youtube, so it’s probably a good idea not to put that into practice at all.

What YouTube Says About Tag Stuffing

Using Other Creator’s Channel Name In Your Metadata

Another thing that can get you in trouble is using another content creator’s channel name in your tags or metadata. This also falls under misleading metadata.

When It Is OK

So it’s something that you want to avoid at all costs never do it for whatever reason except if your video is about a content creator or if you’re doing a collaboration with that content creator then it’s a little bit different.

When It Is Not OK

But if you’re using tags of other channels in your tag box or in any of your metadata for the hope of connecting to their channel in some way so you can get traffic from it that’s a violation and you can get in trouble for that as well.

Comment Spamming

So if you value your youtube channel in any way shape or form and all of the hours and hours and hours that you’ve spent making videos for youtube and growing your online presence or the plan of growing your online presence through the content you’re uploading please don’t do those things or the ones that I’m getting ready to mention.

Subscribe For Subscribe In Comment Section

Like spamming for example and I don’t mean like spamming like thumbs up a bunch type of spamming what I’m talking about is what a lot of specifically new content creators do where they go to other youtube channels and they say things like sub for the hug or hug for hug, that can get you deleted from youtube.

Because you are literally spamming the same comment over and over again on other youtube channels and those content creators take this stuff seriously when you are in the comments, and you’re doing that type of activity, and you’re saying sub for sub and then you change it to hug for hug because you think it’s clever or whatever they identify that and when they do identify that they block you or they will report you directly to youtube for spamming their youtube comments.

It never works. It’s not something that’s gonna help you. This one according to youtube is called incentivization spam.

For example, offering to subscribe to another creator’s channel so only in exchange for them subscribing to your channel also known as a sub for sub content. Again not something that you want to get into the practice of doing or that you want to do at all.

Offering Your Video Link In Other Channel Comment Section

Youtube also says in another section about comment spam the following types of content are in the spam category “hey guys check out my channel/video” here when the channel or video has nothing to do with the video that it was posted in.

And look I know if you’re a new content creator, maybe you might have seen other people doing this and you might think “hey you know this is what I thought that you needed to do to grow a youtube channel and oh my gosh I didn’t know it was something wrong what am I going to do”.

I do want to just let you know that youtube does have a resource for you in addition to reading my articles with other people who make content like mine, Youtube has a resource for you called the youtube creator academy they built it for their youtube content creators. It’s 100% free and it teaches you the best practices about youtube including things like this that you should not be doing.

Copyright Issue

Moving along the next thing that we have on this list is copyright. Now there’s a lot of myths that are out there about copyright in terms of what’s okay to do, what’s not okay to do, and I just want to take care of one really quick that pops up all over the internet where people are thinking that it’s okay but it is not.

Using clips or small parts of the music in your youtube videos that you do not have permission to use or that you cannot argue as fair use.

What Are The Myths About This

The reason I want to bring this one up in the first place is that you know one of the things that I do because the type of content that I make is I’m often on Reddit and on Facebook I’m looking around in the communities around new content creators seeing the questions that you have and things like that. So I can help you solve those problems here on this blog.

What Duration Content Of Other’s Video Or Audio Is Ok

So when I’m in some of those communities I see typically other new YouTubers that are advising other new YouTubers saying things like “hey it’s okay to use five seconds, or a second or whatever of a song if you want to”.

But in reality that is not okay. If you do not have the license, or you do not have permission to use a track in any capacity, you are not allowed to use that. It doesn’t matter if it’s one second or the full entire song. The violation is the same so that is not okay.

And I just wanted to make sure that you understand that. But look when it comes to youtube there are rules that we all have to play by. And since those rules are in place, as a youtube content creator it’s really important to make sure that you do stay up to date with the rules that youtube has.


So these are the 4 major mistakes that lots of YouTubers made and YouTube May Delete Your Channel for that. You should always avoid these mistakes. And to gain more tips and tricks on youtube make sure you subscribe to our newsletter so that you can get more knowledge direct to your inbox.

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