List Of All YouTube Subscriber Awards

YouTube Subscriber Awards

I’m gonna tell you all about YouTube Subscriber Awards and how many subscribers you need to open up all of youtube’s features and awards. So you know what to expect as your channel grows and we’re starting right now.

100 YouTube Subscriber Awards

First, let’s talk about what happens on the road to 10000 subscribers. Once you cross 100 subscribers on youtube, you can get a custom URL. What that means is that with your channel name if somebody looks for channel name your channel is going to come up. This is the importance of having a unique channel name. And if you’ve already crossed 100 subscribers on your youtube channel and you haven’t done that yet go do it. It must matter.

1000 YouTube Subscriber Awards

Okay, now a thousand subscribers on youtube. This is a decent level for a channel. You get the youtube community tab. Now, youtube says that this feature can take up to one week to activate on your channel after you cross that 1000 subscriber milestone.

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But that’s one of the features and as long as you also have the 4000 hours worth of watch time requirement you can now join the youtube partner program which means that you can start making some of that youtube ad money also.

This means if you live stream you can start getting super chats. It also means that you can now start having channel members which are great for building recurring revenue around your youtube channel.

10000 YouTube Subscriber Awards

At 10000 subscribers you’ve now entered the bronze level. Here’s what that means is that you can now enter the youtube next up contest which means that you can get free equipment from youtube and just free help from youtube just all the way around because youtube just completely hooks you up.

If you win for example they take you to the youtube creator camp, they give you equipment vouchers which fall under that free equipment thing that I was talking about.

And you also get one-on-one consulting with youtube. But you got to be a winner for any of that stuff to happen. Youtube stories are another thing that you get after you cross 10000 subscribers. With that, youtube mentions that it can take up to eight weeks once you cross that milestone to actually get stories activated.

So just a heads up on that just in case you just happen to recently cross 10000 subscribers on your youtube channel the youtube merch self is another thing that you get after you cross 10000 subscribers. You also get access to your local youtube creator space which is cool.

If you need some production help or some additional training from youtube. If you are in Canada the UK or the united states you also get access to the giving feature if you want to run fundraisers.

A hundred thousand subscribers on youtube have now entered the silver level. Congratulations on 100000 subscribers you might get a partner manager now.

This isn’t guaranteed, but depending on the type of channel you have, the type of content you’re putting out, and so on. You might get a youtube partner manager. There are also some watch time requirements.

100000 YouTube Subscriber Awards

At 100000 subscribers you might also get invites to special youtube events. But here’s the thing, it’s really beneficial if you live in an area that’s really close to a youtube space. And if you do use youtube spaces you get access to more production access, you get more exclusive stages or scenes or sets or whatever it is that you’re going to be using for your videos things like that, and additional higher-level training at 100000 subscribers. You also get a checkmark by your name and of course the coveted youtube play button. 

After 100000 Subscribers Awards

Next up at 1 million you get a gold play button 10 million you get a diamond and 100 million you get a red diamond play button. This is the level which is called a great level for YouTubers and very few YouTube creators have achieved these milestones. Here is one link of Wikipedia tells that how many channels have crossed the 100 million milestones.

Channels Who Achieved 100 Million Subscribers


Now look I’ve got a bunch of articles on this blog that is going to help you understand what you need to do to reach these milestones. So make sure to subscribe to our newsletter if you haven’t yet. And here I have one more article for you about 11 Tips On How You Can Grow Your Channel In 2021. Thank you so much for reading the full article. I’ll see you next time.

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