5 Ninja Tips To Increase Youtube Watch Hours For Free

5 Ninja Tips To Increase Youtube Watch Hours For Free

I’m going to show you five very easy ways to Increase YouTube Watch Hours For Free and we’re starting right now. 

What Is The Main Rule To Increase YouTube Watch Hours

Okay. Before we get into this did you know that YouTube specifically states in several places that their reward videos keep viewers watching? In other words, it keeps people on YouTube. They also state that the idea behind the algorithm is that viewers can see more enjoyable content suggested to them. 

Pretty crazy. Right. Real quick before we get started let me know in the comments what your current average watch time on your videos is. I’m just curious to know.

Make Proper Use Of Cards

The first thing you can do to increase the accumulated watch time on your channel is you can add cards right before the drop-off points. It also helps if you add playlists right before the repetitive screen that comes up that your regular viewers are used to seeing. And of course, it only makes sense to do it in logical places throughout the rest of the video as well.

Use Branded Thumbnails

Number two. Use branded thumbnails. The idea behind this is you want your content to be extremely easy to recognize. No matter where it pops up inside of the YouTube platform. Doesn’t matter. If it’s a suggested video it doesn’t matter. If it’s a recommended video it doesn’t matter. If you’re popping up on a home page you want your viewers to quickly and easily be able to identify your content if they like your content because that way they can easily come in and watch more of it. 

The basic idea here is you want people to easily be able to recognize your stuff because if they like it, they’re going to click on it. And if they can recognize your thumbnails at a glance regardless of what your title says, regardless of what the video is about, if they can recognize it at yours the people that are into your stuff are more likely to click on your video and watch it. Which is going to help you accumulate more watch time.

When I work with clients this is one of the first things that we tackle on a channel because it’s extremely important. If your thumbnails are a mess, if all of your brandings are a mess, and people can’t easily recognize what is yours then it’s going to cost you views. It’s kind of cost you watch time. So you must get this stuff in order. 

If you don’t know how to do any of this stuff, or you know you don’t know how to put it all together and I can hook you up at tuber tools.

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Use Playlist Effectively

Number three. Use playlists effectively. The reason for this is statistically people watch more of your content if it’s structured into playlists. Linked to them in your in screens ad recommended playlists to your video descriptions. Of course, try to make them relevant so that all of your content matches up.

So let’s say that you make fishing videos. And you just put up a video about how to catch carp. Then maybe your recommended video playlist would be “hey check out these other ways that I put together on how to catch carp”. So you keep it all relevant and playlists of cards. If you want to take this a step further you can even add a playlist as the recommended playlist.

Make sure you check out this playlist in a pinned comment in your comment section as well. So at the very top of your comments section, somebody watches your video they go down to comment, they see your playlist there, they say “Oh ! more carp videos. I’m interested in, that I’m going to click on that”. And then they’re stuck in your trap of watching carp videos.

The big idea behind that is this YouTube says if viewers watch your videos beyond the first click, those videos are likely to be suggested more often. When you link to your video from an external source try to use playlists when you can create series playlists when you’re putting playlists together and when you do that you’re going to increase the likelihood of those videos showing up in a related search check this out YouTube says adding a video to a series playlist allows other videos in the playlist to be featured and recommended when someone is viewing a video in that series playlist 

It’s not theory. It’s not what I think will work. This is stuff that YouTube specifically tells us how their system works and how we can use it to our advantage to get more watch time. Because ultimately we’re keeping people on their platform and this is for the people that we’re watching this being recorded on Instagram. You can also checkout playlist tips and tricks in this article provided by google.

Refer Viewer To Your Relevant Videos

Another thing you can do to increase the watch time on your channel is you can refer to other videos in your video. So let’s say for example you are talking about a specific topic and you’ve already made a video that in some way relates to that topic. You can say in your video “I made this particular video about this. If that’s something you’d be interested in then head over there and check out this video as well”. 

And of course, you can do it in other ways by saying something like “hey this is the second part of this video. Make sure that you watch the first part before you watch this entire video. You can do that by clicking here”.

Suggest More Videos In Comment Section

Another thing you can do to increase the watch time on your channel you can reply to comments in your videos with video links. This is extremely handy if you have a how-to channel or just any type of channel where you’re showing people how to do things. If somebody asks you a question you’ve already made a video about it instead of just giving them the answer in the comment you can say “hey I made a video about this. Go and check it out.” 

You can even make specific things if you have a canned response thing set up into buddy. For example, something that you always say to people because people always make this particular reference, then you can also put that as an actual video response. So you can make that extra connection with people and create that video response at the same time. And in the meantime, you’re getting all of that extra watch time.


If you apply everything that I just went over in your archive of videos, your accumulated watch time is going to increase. And over time you’re going to get a lot more views on those videos. Because your interlinking everything on your channel, and that’s going to naturally feed people into more of your content that is already into your content. 

If you want to learn more about how to grow your channel and make videos and all types of other YouTube-related stuff make sure to subscriber our newsletter right now so you don’t miss anything.  And here is an special article for you which will tell you about List Of YouTube Awards And The Criteria Of These Awards. Thank you so much for reading this article I’ll see you next time.

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