3 Smart Steps To Do Before Advertising On Facebook

3 Smart Steps To Do Before Advertising On Facebook

Hello Influencers ! Today I am going to talk about 3 Smart Steps You Should Do Before Advertising On Facebook. And we are starting right now.

A couple of days ago I was starting to organize a new Facebook ad campaign for my business where I’m a small business marketing manager. I’m going to be rolling out a whole new set of ad creatives for it on Facebook. And I always go through an instruction set that I made to keep myself organized.

What Exactly I Do ?

So this is something that I fill out before I do any advertising on Facebook. I ask myself these sets of questions and lay out everything in a very organized way before I plug it into my Facebook ad campaign. And I think this might be something that could help somebody else. So what I’m doing today is I’m sharing with you my exact strategy anytime.

So I made a simple pdf it is four pages long. And it takes me through all of the questions that I need to ask to determine exactly what my objectives are for this campaign. Let’s say two different ad sets so two different types of campaigns within the broader campaign.

For example, we’re a heating and air conditioning company and maybe I have a set of ads that are targeting people who have never used our services before, and maybe I have another ad set that’s targeting people who have used our services before but they haven’t signed up to be like a monthly recurring type of a customer.

What Are My Goals For Campaigns

So those would be two different ad sets that I want to target. When I go through my little pdf here. I always ask myself three questions before I design a thing, and first of all, I’m asking myself what am I advertising that will help achieve my business goals during the period my ad will run. If you are B2B, you might consider adding a software for website visitor recognition to improve results of your ads campaign.

What Kind Of Creatives I Should Use

The second one is what kinds of images, videos, and short texts can help me achieve my business goals while being presented in the available ad formats. Is there a certain shot that I want to use a certain video clip that I want to make sure that I use and how does this tie into my target audience?

What My Campaign Is For

And third who are my ads meant for, and how can the creative captivate my target audience.

So this is just a way to get your thoughts down on paper so that you can reference this while you are designing your ad and setting it up on Facebook. I also want to make sure that I’m thinking about exactly who I am targeting in these ads. And so instead of just creating some kind of generic ad I want to think about an actual person, an actual family.

Secondry Questions

So I asked myself these three questions on my Facebook ad audience question page :
1) What does my typical customer need?
2) What are the characteristics of my typical customer that I’m trying to target like their age, their location, their family status?
3) What are their motivations? Why do they need me? Why would they possibly need to call me instead of one of my competitors?

So I just write all those out in the little boxes that I have. And then when I’m ready to set up my ads manager area on Facebook I have this ready to go. so that I can just set it up from here.

So I have it down on paper first. I have the name of my campaign, the name of the ad sets, the name of all the ads that I’m going to be putting in. And then my campaign goal that is specific, measurable, achievable, relevant time-bound all those things.

Why It Is Game Changing ?

Since I was recently going through this exercise I thought that this might be a great place for somebody to start who maybe has never advertised before on Facebook. I know it can be overwhelming. There’s just a lot of information out there, a lot of kind of gurus.

I just went straight to the source and got this information and it works. Because this is exactly the information that Facebook wants you to input when you’re creating your campaign.

It’s simple, it’s easy, and also if you have somebody else like let’s say you’re a marketing manager but you have a social media manager that you need to actually design the campaigns, you can give them your sheet. And it makes it much easier to work as a team is all on the same page on why we’re creating these ads, who they’re for, what their purpose is etc.


Okay, so this is the exercise you must do before running ads on Facebook. So try to use this in your Facebook marketing strategy. And if you learned something new today tell us in the comment section. And if you are really new to Facebook ads you can read here the instruction and guidance material provided by Facebook itself.

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