Post These 4 Types of Content To Get More Likes on Instagram in 2022

Post These 4 Types of Content To Get More Likes on Instagram in 2022

What’s up, everyone. Tpday we are going to talk about What Type Of Content You Should Post To Get More Likes On Instagram . If you are stuck on what to post on Instagram that’s going to give you more likes and engagement this article is perfect for you. So let’s dive right into it.

Show Your Face Or Personal Life

Now the first type of post that typically gets me more likes than usual are photos that show my face, or glimpses of my personal life. 

Instagram is an app that values connection and community. And typically people feel like they can trust you more if they know who’s behind the account. And therefore showing a photo of you is going to build more engagement. Not only this, if your account is an account that also is kind of personal meaning, that you have friends, family, co-workers, people that you went to school with still following you.

Well, these people don’t necessarily need to know your business. As they see a photo of you on their feed, they are more likely to actually like that piece of content because they know you.

Instead, if you post your regular business content because they’re not interested in your business, especially since they’re just friends and family they may not engage with those posts. So that’s typically why showing photos of yourself or glimpses of your personal life do get more likes.

However, there are still things that you want to consider. You don’t necessarily want to post photos of just you all the time because what ends up happening is your entire feed will end up being a gallery of you like this.

Now of course, if your niche is within beauty, maybe you’re in fashion, it’s normal that your entire feed is of you. But if you’re in other niches and you just have photos of yourself it might not make as much sense and it might not be what you want to present on your feed.

Because your feed should already tell people what you provide. For example, you can see some big Instagram influencer feed, it has photos of that person, it shows his/her face but from a bird’s eye point of view, you can already tell that he/she post business content. And so you do want to make sure you diversify your feed.

Post Motivational Content

Now moving on to the second type of post that typically gets more likes than usual and that is motivational or inspirational content because who doesn’t want to get motivated in their day-to-day.

Now the funny thing is that as content creators we spend so much time creating videos, carousel posts, all these things like this. But what I found is something as simple as this like a one-liner quote post actually gets more likes and comments sometimes. Now here’s the reason why easy content pieces like this tend to do abnormally.

Well, it’s because they are easy to digest. Meaning someone doesn’t have to go through a really thick carousel to get the information and within one line they get a dopamine hit. Because they’re inspired now they got the result which is understanding what the post is actually about. And so it’s going to increase the likelihood of them liking it and even sharing it.

How many of you see one post, maybe you don’t scroll through it, maybe you don’t look at the caption but that one post really spoke to you. So you just shared your stories with your audience. Well, the likelihood of that happening increases the more simple the post actually is. And so that’s my theory as to why these one-liner quote posts do so well more than other pieces of content.

Post Educational Content

Now the third type of post that does get more likes than usual is educational content. Now of course this is educational content packaged in a way that’s concise and easy for someone to get through. Now over on my blogs, I’ve talked a lot about how carousel posts like this are beneficial to your Instagram, and sales strategy, and I stand by it. Doing Instagram carousels are really great for nurturing and for sales generation.

However, in this article, we’re talking purely from a likes standpoint. How can you get the most likes as possible what I find is actually putting all the tips in one slide and making it simple to read does tend to get more likes than packaging it up into a carousel?

Now obviously a carousel is still necessary if you are teaching quite a bit but at the heart of it, if you want more likes, you want to make it easy for people to double tap than all five of my tips are packaged on one page I do find does get a little bit more engagement.

And the reason why I’m also saying educational content is what’s working is that people want to receive value. And not only is this the bonus of creating educational content whether that’s tips or lessons that you learned, but also increases the likelihood of people saving that piece of content, and also potentially tagging their friends in the comments section if they want other people to learn from your lessons as well.

Post Instagram Reels

Now moving on to the next type of post that does get more likes and that is Instagram reels. I have been talking about this for so long now and this is something that might be unique to this day and age with the way that the platform is moving towards.

Instagram is prioritizing IG reels and what I found is that every single time I post an Instagram reel it does tend to get a lot of likes. Instagram reels have a longer shelf life, meaning that, normally, that may be within the first 48 hours you might not get the number of likes that you’re used to. But I almost guarantee after two weeks you usually see those likes increasing especially because it hangs on the algorithm for a bit longer.

What I mean by this is if you look at your IG reels, explore feed, you will find content pieces that weren’t just from 48 hours ago. You will still be served content from maybe a week or two weeks ago by certain creators. And so that is why it is pretty strategic for you to leverage an Instagram reel strategy to get more traffic and engagement.

And so if you want to learn more about IG reel strategy then I recommend that you read some of my other articles where I dive deeper about it. If you don’t know anything about reels you can read this official article provided by Instagram which will give you an overview about reels


Now so far in this article, I shared some snappy ways how to increase your likes just by the content that you’re posting and maybe even by how you package it. However, we all know that there’s more than just likes when it comes to social media success. So definitely make sure you subscribe to our newsletter so that you will not miss any new tips for your social media growth. And if you learned something new today tell us in the comment section.

And here is a special article for you which will tell you about 7 Instagram Story Hacks You Don’t Know. That’s it for today guys. I will see you next time.

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