7 Instagram Story Hacks You Don’t Know

7 Instagram Story Hacks You Don't Know

So you want to learn about Instagram stories specifically. Today I am going to tell you about 7 Instagram Story Hacks You Don’t Know. I am also using these hacks and I promise you that if you use these tips you will get more reach for your Instagram stories. Let’s get start.

Use GIFs For Your Instagram Story

Now let’s dive into the first tip that I have for you and that is have you ever considered creating your gif. Well, this is something that I’ve been doing for years. I create my gifs on Giphy and I embed them into my newsletters.

But what I learned is you can take it a step further. Create these gifs and then actually paste them as a sticker on your Instagram stories. I am going to tell you step by step how to do that.

So when you’re on Giphy.com you want to hit create button, you can upload any mp4 or movie file. Once that’s done it’s going to load up a gif and it turned an mp4 file into a gif and then you can adjust the duration as you like.

If you’d like the gif to run for longer or shorter you can. Then click continue to decorate and you can add any text or anything you would like. And then you’re going to hit continue to upload Giphy. Once you’ve uploaded it to Giphy you’ll then have a gif and then you can copy the link and have a direct link to this gif that you can embed in any of your websites or anything like that. Or you could right-click and save the image. And after doing this exercise you can upload it to your Instagram story.

So that’s a really great way especially if you’re trying to drive traffic to one of your lead magnets, to build your email list, or even if you wanted to create a fun gif to turn into a cool sticker.

Create Your Brand Template

Now the second tip that I have for you is perfect if you are a creative entrepreneur, or maybe you’re someone who just loves aesthetics, or someone who’s a perfectionist and wants to make sure everything is on-brand. This is something that my own social media manager taught me and I was mind blown about how easy it was.

How often do you find that there’s not enough color selection in Instagram stories? Or even if you try to dial it in you can’t really find the perfect color for your brand.

Well, the next tip I have for you is to simply create your brand template, save it to your gallery, and then paste it into your story as a sticker every time so that you can use the color dropper and find the exact color that you want for your fonts, for your paintbrush strokes, or even for your backgrounds

Make Use Of Boomerangs

.Moving on to the next tip and this one is about boomerangs. If you are an iPhone user, did you know that if you have a live photo and you upload it to your stories, if you just simply hold down that photo it’ll instantly turn into a boomerang? There are going to be a lot of photos that you can add more dynamic to just by using this one hack.

Use Transparent PNGs

Now moving on to the next story feature or hack that I have for you that is handy. If you find that there are not enough options within Instagram alone in terms of stickers, gifs, or emojis, you can use them. Did you know that you can simply go on google, find a transparent png, save that and also paste it into your stories? It’ll also show up as transparent.

Now if you want to take it a step further you can consider doing is turning yourself into a transparent png And you can do this easily on a platform like Canva. Simply upload your photo onto Canva, choose the background remover tool, and then wait for them to remove the background.

Once the background is removed simply just save it as a png, then you save it to your album, and from your album, you can copy and paste it into your IG story. This is going to be perfect especially if you want to create content on the fly.

Choose Nice Overlay For Your Instagram Story

Now on to the next hack that I have for you, and that is having a nice overlay for your stories. How many of you use the paintbrush feature, and you hold it down, and it’s not as transparent as you’d like.

And by the way, just a hot tip for you, if you actually take your paintbrush and you put it on your stories and you hold it down you’re going to be able to expand that into a background. 

Now if you click this particular paintbrush and you hold it down, it’s going to be semi-transparent. But what I’ve found is that it’s not transparent enough. So what you can do is you can select this font on your stories, make sure you click the button, so that it has the outline. And then you can actually expand that text so that it ends up becoming a full overlay and this is much more transparent than just using the hold-down paintbrush feature.

Use Selfie Type Of Content

The next tip that I have for you is more of a settings thing that has been really helpful for me. If you’re someone who uses Instagram stories a lot and you always have the camera facing yourself, meaning that you do a lot of selfie type of content.

Well did you know that if you actually open up your stories and then you hit the top left-hand corner with the dial icon, you’re actually able to set that setting, so that every time you open your Instagram stories it’s automatically already going to be on selfie mode?

This has been game-changing for me. It is such a small little tweak. But I’m just so happy that whenever I open my Instagram stories I don’t have to flip the screen. It’s been absolutely awesome. So make sure you do this especially if you do a lot of selfie-style videos.

Get More Data From Story Analytical

Now on to the next thing that is about accessing your story analytics. What you can do is obviously when you swipe up on your story, you’re able to see everyone who’s seen your story. But did you know if you actually click on that little icon that’s right next to the story views, you’re actually able to see way more data?

And by accessing this data you’re then able to make more data-driven decisions on what to do for your Instagram story strategy. The type of information that you can get from this is really awesome.

Not only can you see how much reach that you’ve gotten from the story and the actions that people take whether or not they swipe up or interact with your account, but you can also see the amount of follows that that particular story contributed, and also the type of navigation that people are experiencing so for, instance whether or not someone went back to your previous story, whether or not someone went forward, or if they swiped completely and went to the next person.

These are things that you got to know about when you actually access your analytics. You’re going to be able to tell what type of content might be working, and what type of content might not be working, and it’s just good to know. So make sure that when you are swiping up to see who’s watching your stories. Also, try to pay attention to the actual concrete data as well.


Now if you really like these tips make sure you tell us in comment section so that we can understand that what type of content you are liking and can give you more value about your wanted subject.

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