Facebook Groups Vs Pages – Which Is Better In 2022

Facebook Groups Vs Pages - Which Is Better In 2022

Should you have a Facebook group or a Facebook page? And why? Today we are going to talk about Facebook Groups Vs Pages – Which Is Better In 2022 for your business or brand. If you don’t know the answer to that question, you will know this by the end of this article.

We’re gonna go through the pros and cons of each. You should also know the difference between a Facebook page and a Facebook group because they both act and work completely differently.

Difference Between Facebook Page And Group

With a Facebook page, you post to that page as your brand name. So this could be your business name or it could be your name if you have a personal brand. And you grow that page with likes.

With a Facebook group, of course, it can be branded but when you post in the group it cannot come from your brand. It has to come from a personal profile. And you grow a Facebook group with members as an admin of your Facebook group. You can only post from a personal profile, not your brand. So let’s look at the advantages of each.

Advantage Of Facebook Page

Starting with Facebook pages. Facebook page is a place where you can represent your brand. It has all the features which are important for a brand representation like contact detail, social links, websites and many other so that when a person comes to this page he/she can get an overview, what is this page about or what brand this page represent. It is different from a Facebook Profile. You can read this article about the difference between Facebook page and profile.

You Can Run Facebook Ads With Facebook Page

The biggest advantage is ads. If you want to run Facebook ads then you need a Facebook page. So if you want to do clever things with remarketing, building custom audiences, promoting your content, or selling your products via ads, you need a Facebook page.

Facebook Provides Detailed Analytical For Facebook Page

With that Facebook pages Facebook also provides you with some data which is very crucial for you. In the Facebook Insights tab, you can see things like which content is performing better, what’s driving the most traffic, and lots of other competitor’s analysis-type stuff. Facebook groups do have analytics but they are minimal unless you use a third-party tool.

Your Facebook Page Represents Your Brand Presence

Also, your Facebook page is the only place that you can have a brand presence on Facebook. If you’re not a personal brand and you want to post as your business then again you need a page to post.

Advantage Of Facebook Group

Facebook pages might be sexy but Facebook groups are the new underdog. Facebook group is a community. It’s a place where people can come together and chat about something that they are passionate about.

It Works LIke A Community Of People

Now yes people can post on your Facebook page but Facebook will make sure it’s in this weird place that no one ever going to see it. So if building a community of people is important to your business and your marketing strategy then groups are worthful. But you need a topic for the Facebook group. Don’t create a group for people who love you. That is weird and the better alternative is a niche group topic that makes sense for your potential customers to join.

For example, if you are running a digital marketing agency and if you have a search engine optimization-related group where people can talk about their SEO-related problems and solution, that is going to be very worthful for the audience who are interested in this topic. And these people can also be your future customers. And that is the beauty of groups.

Better Visibility In Newsfeed

Other benefits of Facebook groups include better visibility in the newsfeed. This is true If you have engaged group content. From groups does tend to be seen more in the newsfeed, and you might get a notification too. However, don’t just set up a Facebook group for this reason alone. We see a lot of groups acting like pages just because they think you’re gonna get more visibility. Groups need conversation. And if you’re just acting like a page you’re gonna be destroyed.

It Can Also Set To Private

Another big benefit of Facebook groups is that they can also be set to private, or secret so they are perfect for paid community forums for your customers too. We have one for our membership community and it works well.

It Can Categorize Content With Tags

And finally, our favorite element of groups is the new tagging system that they’ve just put in place for categorizing content. We’re going to be using this more in our community group so that our members can find more relevant content quicker.

Key Difference

If you want to grow your business on Facebook and you need a Facebook page just for all the reasons that we mentioned but mainly the ads, it’s the hub of your absolute brand. But if you have a business that lends itself well to building a community around a specific topic then have a Facebook page, and a Facebook group, and you can even link them together. So people can find your group from your page. Remember to treat them differently.


So as a summary start those initial conversations as a brand with your Facebook page and the group is where you form a community, where not only you post but your members also post. If you can’t think of a topic for your group then just stick with the page. If you’re still not sure what is better for you, a group or a page let us know in the comment. I’m gonna try and help you out.

If you want to learn more about digital tools and also about how to grow your social media profiles like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram related stuff make sure to subscribe to our newsletter right now so you don’t miss anything. And here is a special article for you which will tell you about 11 Ninja Facebook Post Ideas for Businesses Growth In 2022 Thank you so much for reading this article. I’ll see you next time.

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