6 Genius Tips To Make Your Viewers Watch Your Videos Longer

Make Your Viewers Watch Your Videos Longer

I’m gonna tell you 6 working tips that are gonna make your viewers watch your videos longer. And we’re starting right now.

How To Make Your Viewers Watch Your Videos Longer : Best Question

Okay, so this is a very general question asked by many new YouTubers than “I would like to know how I can improve my watch time? Do you think I should get rid of my introduction and go straight into the content?”

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That is a fantastic question and I am so glad to answer this because I see tons of people on youtube making a huge mistake that is costing them watch time. I’m going to tell you five tips that you can fix with your very next video.

You Should Remove Your Intro

Starting with of course removing your intro. So of course using an intro is a pretty common thing on youtube because you see a lot of these other big creators using intros. And because of that as a new content creator or somebody that’s trying to get that ball rolling, you might think hey they have intros. It’s probably a good idea if I put intros”.

See Your Intro Effect In Your Audience Retention Report

But you’re wrong. The reason that you’re wrong can be displayed in your audience retention. If you go into your audience retention reports inside of your youtube studio you’re going to be able to see exactly how people react to your intro.

So when it comes to your intro there’s a few very humongous mistakes that you can make with your intro.

You Are Showing Intro At The Very Beginning Of The Video

The first being that you set your intro at the very beginning of the video. What you’re doing in that situation is you’re creating this block between when they click on the video and when they get the content that they came into the video, that they were expecting to see think of it.

Basically what you are doing in that situation is you are just throwing like an advertisement for your channel when they haven’t even had a chance to even have any type of experience with your content yet. Not even like a hello, not even an introduction, not anything that has to do with your actual content.

VIewers Are Not On YouTube To Watch Fancy Intros

And another thing that I want you to think about is how many times have you went onto youtube and you said to yourself “man I really cannot wait until I see a good intro right”

It doesn’t happen. Because when you’re on youtube you’re actually on youtube for the content, not for the intro to that youtube channel.

One of the things that you just have to consider when it comes to using an intro is it doesn’t add anything to a viewer. So when you’re putting an intro in your videos one thing to think “does my intro add anything to the production value of the content that I’m releasing”.

And what I mean by that is unless you have an intro, and it’s awkward to jump right into the content, and you can’t figure out a good way to transition. and think this is completely hundred percent necessary”. If the answer is yes keep using it. But if the answer is like “well, it looks cool. It makes me feel good. Makes me feel like my content is higher-level content. then that’s more about you and less about the viewer.

What Should You Do Instead Of Intros

So in that situation, you should consider taking the intro out. But now you have a question “How am I going to let people know what channel they’re watching”. If you want to have a logo or something like that pop up while you’re talking or while your content is playing that’s perfectly okay.

You can do the same thing with your logos. So if you feel that “hey I want to make sure that people see my logo because it’s important for my branding”. Especially if you’re a business or something then in that particular case just have it pop up on the screen. It lets people see the logo your name, your actual website that kind of thing. And by doing it that way what you’re doing is you’re allowing yourself to not interrupt the viewer experience with the intro that you’re using in your videos.

If Your Intro Is Not Hurting Your Audience Retention, Keep Using It

But you do want to make sure that you are looking in your audience retention reports though. Because you do want to make sure that when people are interacting with your intro you want to make sure that you’re not taking any loss in viewership during that time.

Because if your intro is solid and for whatever reason people are not skipping, or they’re not leaving the video because of it, then you don’t have to take it out. But in most cases that I’ve ever seen the intro is hurting you in some way. Even if it’s by a few percent of your viewership.

You Have To Work To Make Your Audio Quality Better

Okay so let’s talk about the next thing. Audio. So if you want to keep people watching your videos for a longer period, it’s really important to make sure that you’re putting some focus on how your audio sounds.

And by an audio I mean if you’re using your voice. How does your voice sound? Do you sound like you’re far away or do you sound like you’re up close?

Compare Your Audio Quality With Other Good Creators

One thing you can do in this situation to easily compare your audio is simply open up another video on youtube and listen to how it sounds when it first starts. And then open up your video on youtube and see how it sounds when it first starts.

Does your voice sound like it’s close in the frame, or do you sound like you’re far away? If you’re using music in your videos is the volume loud on yours compared to other people, or the other people’s videos is the volume on their videos sounds a lot louder than yours.

Just do the comparison because audio is half of the video experience you have the stuff that you’re seeing. But you also have the stuff that you’re hearing as well. So you want to make sure that you’re being mindful of it.

You Can Use Free Software To Make Your Audio Quality Better

Now there’s free software that you can use to make your voice sound better. If you do a lot of talking videos or any voice-over type stuff, there is a great piece of software for editing your voice, that’s free is called Audacity and another one that’s paid is called adobe audition. You can start using those to take those steps forward on making your audio sound better.

You Should Edit Your Video Properly & Professionally

The next thing that you can do to keep people watching your videos for a longer period is to edit your videos. Now I know most of you do edit your videos.

Edit And Cut The Misakes And Spaces In Your Video

But what I mean by that is that they’ll just set up a camera, or they’ll set up a phone, or webcam and they’ll just sit down and they’ll talk. And when they sit down and they talk they leave in a lot of ums and oz, and there’s a lot of just space in between thoughts and things like that.

And it’s not like a tightly packaged experience to where it’s easy to consume when you’re sitting there watching it. Because it typically in that situation looks like you’re just sitting there, watching somebody, waiting for them to come up with, which creates a horrible viewer experience.

Make Your Video Colors Look Better

Another thing when it comes to editing as well is you can make your colors look better. The idea is you just want to spend time learning how you can edit. Because the better you can edit the cooler you can make your videos, and the cooler that you make your videos the cooler the experience is for the people that are watching your videos which you ultimately win from.

Don’t Try To Make A Video Longer Artificially

The next thing to keep your viewers watching for a longer period is to simply make your videos as long as they need to be. So a lot of content creators will try to cram a bunch of stuff into the videos, so they can make a longer video for the idea of getting people to watch for a longer period.

However, if your video only needs to be five minutes, don’t try to make it ten. If your video only needs to be three minutes don’t try to make it eight. So you just need to make sure that when you’re putting your content together that you’re making your videos as long as they need to be.

Don’t Try To Make It Long To Get More Watchtime

Because as soon as you start cramming stuff in there just for the sake of getting a little bit more watch time then what happens in that situation is the value isn’t there. In that situation, people start leaving, and if they’re leaving after five minutes, and you have a 10-minute video, then it doesn’t make sense to have a 10-minute video.

It Will Save Your Time And Your Viewer’s Time

That one will save you time too. Because if you’re not making your videos longer just for the sake of making them longer then it’ll also save you time editing and all that stuff. So it’ll save you time, and it’ll create a better experience for your viewers as well.

You Should End Your Video Properly

The next thing that you want to make sure that you’re doing is ending your videos properly. So a lot of people will cost themselves a decent amount of audience retention, because they say the wrong things, or they do the wrong things at the end of their videos.

I’m suggesting this article right now that you can read. That’s going to show you How You Can End Your Videos In The Right Way. So you can keep people watching, and so you can get people to watch more of your content easier. You can go ahead and click on that.


So these are some tips on How You Can Make Your Viewer To Watch Longer. And to gain more tips and tricks on youtube make sure you subscribe to our newsletter so that you can get more knowledge direct to your inbox. 

And if you are a new YouTuber then we have this article here that will tell you 6 Frequently Asked Questions About YouTube And Their Clear Answers. Thank you so much for reading this article. I’ll see you next time.

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