12 Super Stupid Instagram Mistakes To Avoid In 2022

12 Super Stupid Instagram Mistakes To Avoid In 2022

Hello, Influencers! Welcome back to my blog. Today we’re talking about 12 Super Stupid Instagram Mistakes To Avoid and I see people making these mistakes and of course these are hurting their growth and success on the platform. And chances are good you may be making some of these mistakes.

But that’s okay. What matters is that you make the changes that I recommend in this article. So let’s jump into it.

You Have Not Choosen A Proper & Professional Username

1) You have a hard to remembering, understanding, or reading user names. First impressions are made extremely quickly on Instagram and your user name plays a big role in this. If someone sees your account and your username is like purple flowers six seven eight, they’re gonna think you’re unprofessional, and potentially quite young. If you’ve got underscores periods or random letters, it all goes against you. Instead use a clear, easy-to-read username for best results.

You Are Not Using Bio Section Of Instagram Properly

2) Your profile is incomplete if you aren’t using all 150 characters in your bio, you haven’t flushed it out enough. This is your chance to tell people exactly what you or your brand is all about, and what they can expect from your account. This should also include a call to action for the link in your bio.

You Are Not Using Link Section Of Bio Smartly

3) You are not fully utilizing the link in your bio. If you’re not linking to anything, you need to fix that as soon as possible. If you’re linking to the homepage of your website you’re on the right track. But you can optimize this so much more ideally.

You should send your audience directly to a page that provides more value or information that is useful to them. You can use a third-party application like Linktree for this task and show multiple information in links to your audience.

You Are Posting Too Much

Posting a lot is one of those things that new instagramers think they have to do to be successful. But it’s just not true and only makes things more stressful for you. One, two, three posts per week is more than enough assuming they’re high quality. Your Instagram feed should be a highlight reel of all your best content not mediocre content just takes up space.

You Are Not Providing Value

If you’re posting something that satisfies you but doesn’t provide any value to your audience, they’re probably going to get bored. Now value doesn’t mean you need to post some long-drawn-out tutorial, but rather something that provides something like education, entertainment, or emotion. If your content and caption can satisfy any one of those things, you’re good. If not, don’t post it.

You Are Sharing Irrelevant Content

This goes hand-in-hand with the last mistake. If you’re sharing content that doesn’t relate to the focus or topic of your account, you’re wasting your time and energy. When someone decides to follow you it’s for a very specific reason. For example, if I follow you because I want to learn about nutrition, I’m gonna be disappointed and maybe even annoyed if you start posting about travel hacks. Give people what they signed up for.

You Are Not Using Hashtags Properly

Hashtags are a huge conversation in themselves and I have an article dedicated to the topic. So I highly suggest you check it out. If you’re not using hashtags properly or not at all, you are missing out on a massive amount of reach, engagement, and new followers. Don’t be one of those people who hinder their success, because they think hashtags are spammy.

You Are Not Using Call To Action

If you’re not asking your audience to do something, you’re making a big mistake. You can start with the basics by asking people to leave a comment, like, tag a friend, etc. Or you can get more intentional and tell people to click the link in your bio to learn about XYZ, to read your latest blog post, or sign up for your free offer. Every time you post is an opportunity to get your audience one step closer to becoming a customer. So don’t skip it.

You Are Not Engaging With Your Audience

Social media is supposed to be social. If you come on Instagram, post your photo and then get upset a few hours later with your lack of engagement, you need to check yourself. You should be setting aside time every day to engage with your target market on Instagram, if you want more likes and comments you need to give them out too. But do it strategically.

Don’t waste your time commenting on accounts with millions of followers. Instead, find people that fall into your unique target market, and give them some genuine engagement. You’ll be surprised how much the small effort can pay off in the long run.

You Are Sending Spammy DMs

I’m not sure who’s telling people to do this but if I follow you that’s not permission for you to DM me selling your product or service. Instead of spamming new followers, push your product on them, address them by name. This shows that you went to their profile and made a genuine effort to learn something about them.

Say thanks for following and tell them about what you love about their feed then leave. This leaves the door wide open for them to come back and continue the conversation from here. If it naturally leads to talking about your business and offerings, that’s great. You’re much more likely to make a sale by taking this strategic approach rather than spraying and praying with spammy DMs.

You Are Not Responding To Comments

Guys if you want more engagement to respond to your comments there’s no excuse for ignoring someone who went out of their way to comment on your content.

You Have No Patience

If you expect to gain 100k followers in three months, you’re setting yourself up for failure. Those who have patience can appreciate every small milestone. This will make you a more self-aware and humble entrepreneur. It often leads to faster growth when you don’t spend every waking hour focusing on how many followers you’ve gained or lost.


Okay, so those are the 12 most common Instagram mistakes I see. But honestly, I could go on if you want me to make a part two to this article comment below to let me know. And if you learned something new today tell us in comment section.

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