How To Get 10000 Subscribers On YouTube Free

How To Get 10000 Subscribers On YouTube Free

Hello readers! What is going on? Today I am going to talk about How To Get 10000 Subscribers On Youtube Free. Getting subscribers on YouTube is not an easy process. And getting your first 10000 subscribers means that you have made some space for yourself in the YouTube universe. So I’m gonna share with you what you can do to get 10000 subscribers and we’re starting right now. 

Be Consistent For Everything On YouTube

The first thing I want to talk about is consistency. Everything across the board must be consistent. I’m talking about your upload schedule, I’m talking about your branding, I’m talking about your message, I’m talking about your content, format of your videos everything. Consistency counts. People rely on consistency. It’s what makes things familiar to people. 

So you should make sure that you’re consistent across the board on everything that you do. You know if you want to get 10000 subscribers or 5000 subscribers or 10000 subscribers on your channel, it’s gonna take work, it’s gonna take a lot of testing, it’s gonna take a lot of learning, it’s gonna take a lot of getting into your stats, and trying to figure out exactly what it is that your subscribers are on your channel for. 

Focus On Your Non Subscriber Audience

You know you get more views from non-subscribers than you do from subscribers. So you want to figure out what is it that you can do to get more views, or what is it that you can do to convert your viewers into subscribers so that they can get the notifications when you upload the videos. They can come to start the velocity in your video. 

It includes all of the things. It includes testing stuff, it includes putting in the work, it includes learning to the point of understanding what is going on here on YouTube. How to make stuff better. How you can unlock psychology behind different things that you can do in your videos to get people to keep watching. 

What Mindset You Are Making Videos With ?

Another thing that’s extremely important to keep in mind if you’re trying to grow your channel is Mindset. I’ve mentioned this in another article where I told about making sure that when you make your content that you make it in a way that you are already where you are wanting to go. 

So if you’re wanting to have a hundred thousand subscribers or you’re wanting to have a million subscribers then go ahead and start making your content now and interacting with your community as you’ve already achieved that goal. 

By doing so you’re gonna be perceived in a better way, you’re gonna be perceived as somebody that is already doing everything that they should be doing to make all those elements go together instead of somebody that’s just starting.

When you making your content think like this if one person watches this video I want that one person to hit that subscribe button, I want that one person to share my video with their friend, I want that one person to like my stuff to become a part of what it is that I’m doing.

So you have to make your content in a way that is going to pull people in. And to do that you have to present your content in a way that is going to encourage that behavior from the people that watch your videos. 

Make Quality Content And Quality Means This

Number four: You have to make quality content. And by making quality content, I don’t mean that you have to have the best camera on earth. You need to focus on making sure that what it is that you’re delivering is quality.

For example, if you’re entertaining people, make sure that your content is entertaining. If you’re educating people make sure that you’re sharing enough information to educate the people that are watching your videos. 

You don’t have to have the best quality equipment but it has to be good enough. You have to have enough light in your videos. You can’t make videos in a dark room and expect people to watch your videos. You can’t have audio that sounds horrible and expect people to watch your videos because they’re gonna watch others’ videos and they’re not going to subscribe to your channel. 

So you can make videos with your phone. No problem at all. You can also check this video about how can you do a video with your phone. But you have to keep quality in mind. You have to keep the viewer in mind when you’re putting your content together. And I know there’s a huge learning gap when it comes to technology to make videos and how to put all this stuff together. But making quality videos is extremely important. 

And by quality, I mean that you’re delivering to the people that watch your videos. If you’re entertaining them, that’s cool. If you’re making them laugh, that’s cool. If you’re teaching them stuff, that’s cool. If you’re inspiring people, that’s even better.

You know if you’re vlogging you can work in some type of value for the person that’s watching your videos instead of just vlogging then you’re gonna have better success on your channel. 

Don’t get me wrong. I know that there are exceptions to all of those rules and there are exceptions to every rule however I’m just saying it’s somebody that’s starting as somebody and trying to get that first 10000 subscribers, the more benefit that you can give to other people the better off you’re gonna be. 

Make Commitment To Yourself For Making Videos

Number five you got to commit to making videos, coming up with video ideas, recording them, editing the videos, all of this stuff takes time. It takes a lot of time and especially when you’re first starting and you’re not getting traction yet. It can be intimidating, you can be discouraging because you’re putting in all of this time and effort but nobody’s watching your videos yet, but you have to commit if you want people to join you 

If you want people to follow what it is that you’re doing, and be a part of what is that you’re doing, subscribe to your channel, share your videos things like that, you have to commit to regularly making videos. You have to learn how to create and edit your videos so that you can deliver quality content to people. You have to commit to that because like I mentioned before about hustle. 

You know I also have work. I have clients that I have to serve. But I commit to making YouTube a part of what it is that I do so that I can tap into the opportunities on YouTube. So I can share the knowledge that I have. 

Make Videos With Future Prospective

And there is a famous phrase “Do something today that your future self will thank you for.” You’re making videos now and you’re trying to tap into YouTube and the YouTube community now so that in the future you can thank yourself for doing this. So if doing the videos is something that you’re interested in doing, and it’s something that you want to do, and you see the opportunity then you should do that. 

I’m not talking about just making videos for the sake of making videos, I’m talking about having a purpose and saying “okay ! this is why I want to make my videos. This is why I want to put this stuff together. This is the value I want to bring to other people. This is what I want for myself”. If that is the way that you’re looking at making videos then you have to commit. 

If you go and you work a 40-hour/week job, when you get home instead of watching Game of Thrones, or something else, instead of hopping on Reddit or instead know watching other people’s content, start making your own. 

I mean look here’s the thing. There are a lot of opportunities that can come from doing YouTube. The people that you come in contact with the people that you end up being friends with the people that you are just associated with the people that are seeing your stuff. 

So if you commit and you’re putting up videos regularly for the further reason of trying to reach some type of end goal, be it YouTube fame, be it making money, be it sharing a message, it’s making the world a better place, whatever purpose it is, whatever reason you have that you want to make videos for, committing to that upload schedule and committing to making videos regularly you got to do it.

Because if you don’t commit, nothing is gonna happen automatically. Hook up your future self by tapping into the opportunity of YouTube, if that’s something that you want to do. 


So use these five elements in your YouTube startegy and stick to it. I am very sure if you apply these five things you will reach 10000 subscribers on YouTube very soon and you will get every more from that.

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