How To Think Like A Big YouTuber (6 Factors You Don’t Know)

I’m gonna tell you How To Think Like A Big YouTuber, so you can become a big YouTuber and we’re starting right now.

A lot of people when they’re thinking about getting big on YouTube they simply think I need a lot of subscribers, I need a lot of viewers because that’s how you get big right. You got to have a lot of subscribers and a lot of viewers to be deemed big. But how you think about what it is that you’re doing can be the difference.

How A New YouTuber Thinks

Let me explain when you’re first starting on YouTube it’s natural to go and just consume tons and tons and tons of content about how all this stuff works. And as a matter of fact, that might be why you are reading this article right now.

But while you’re consuming all this stuff you’re thinking “oh I gotta get all this watch time, I get a write good titles, I gotta get people to watch my videos, how important it is that my videos “. This is good thinking but when we are consuming all of this stuff that keeps us busy and because we’re busy we think that we’re doing something.

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I mean we are but what we are not doing is we are not looking at the big picture things. I’m talking about the stuff that’ll actually move the needle for you.

For example, what do people really want from me and what do I need to do to go about giving it to them what am I even doing this for. I mean why am I spending so much time making videos and upload them to the internet, what do I want all of this to look like, what do I want all of these efforts to turn into, and most importantly what do I have to do or what do I have to have in place to actually make that happen.

And it’s okay the reason that those thoughts are not there for a lot of people yet is that you haven’t gone through that initial part of just getting comfortable with what it is that you’re doing here on YouTube. And it’s okay not to be thinking those things yet. I mean the reason that a lot of people don’t think those things yet or that they don’t start thinking those things for a while is that you haven’t built the confidence and what it is that you’re doing yet to believe that you can turn this YouTube thing into something.

You Have To Ask This Question To Yourself

Here’s what I mean. When you start you youtube journey, you watch that every video which provides some information or knowledge about YouTube. And you try to figure out what tasks you should do next thinking “oh well I hope he says something that I can apply to my channel today and then my channel will start blowing up.

But you are not looking at those important things like I listed before in terms of why am I putting in all this effort, what is it that I want out of this, what could this possibly become none of it and because of that people are unable to make it big. You Are just making content that you wanted to make and that you thought that other people would like hopefully.

Analyze What Your Audience Want

You might also be thinking that “yeah I can turn this into something if I can get some videos to take off“. You first start paying attention to how people responded to the videos that you already had out there. You should start organizing everything around your content even your folders for your video graphics and all of that.

Your content choices started being focused on your viewer and what it is that your viewer wants from your youtube channel instead of being focused on just random content that you put out there for the sake of putting it out there. And you should think about things like how can you add so much value to the people that are watching your videos that they’ll want to keep coming back to your channel over and over and over again.

How To Think Like A Big YouTuber: What They Know And You Don’t Know

Here’s the thing bigger YouTubers understand and they think about the fact that they’re making content for an audience. Bigger content creators are confident and it comes across clearly on camera that they’re confident because they’ve gotten confirmation from going through the process of growing their channel.

They’ve gotten confirmation that what they’re doing is working in that it’s good. But you can do that in Reverse. When I had about a hundred and fifty subscribers on YouTube I didn’t think that I would do well on YouTube. I knew that I would go through the process, I would go through whatever it took to get my channel working to make this whole thing work out whatever process, that would take me to whatever additional things that I needed to learn whatever skillsets that I needed to improve on.

I knew just like I know you can, I knew that I could figure it out, and don’t get me wrong, I’m still on that journey, I’m still trying to improve, I’m still trying to deliver even more value to you.

But here’s the thing when experienced creators publish videos they still think gosh I hope this video does well regardless of how the actual video performs. They know that they did everything they could within that content that the audience would enjoy. And from there really comes down to the nuance of exactly how well that video will do.

But in addition to the mindset side of things in terms of just thinking like yeah can do this, I can turn this into something. That mindset also helps experienced creators. Network with other experienced creators. Look into their stats.  They always apply the three-step process that Creator Academy also suggests.

What YouTube Says About Creative Strategy

Big Creators Always Focus On Audience

Experience Creators always analyze this is my audience, the people that are watching these videos are enjoying, what it is that I’m putting out. They also continue to learn and evolve as they grow as a content creator. They invest in themselves and the equipment that they’re using, in educational courses and going to conferences that sort of thing.

People with bigger channels enjoy what it is that they’re doing. I mean it’s obvious in the content it is work but it’s enjoyable work with successful content creators they look at the audience, and they appreciate the audience. Most importantly successful content creators believe in themselves and they believe in their ability to learn and apply.

Are You Ready To Fulfill These Conditions

What it is that they learn and go through the sometimes lengthy process of growing a successful YouTube channel.

But I have a question for you, are you willing to believe in yourself are you willing to believe that you can go through a process. a system that a bunch of other content creators has gone through and created successful channels from. Will you create the confidence within yourself to say “Yeah you know what I can take this seriously. I can handle this stuff more professionally. so that I can be doing all of this and investing all of this time for something”. I know you can do it.


There are examples of people from different places, different backgrounds in terms of where they grew up, different age groups, different educational levels, different social statuses, different abilities. You just have to decide. You have to take a stand against that inner voice that’s inside of you that’s leaning everything that happens on YouTube on luck. You have to dedicate yourself to making it happen.

I’m rooting for you in everything that you’re doing. And all of the results that you’re getting can change just by changing the way that you think.

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