How Companies Are Using Bots For Their Business In 2022

How Companies Are Using Bots For Their Business

Hello readers! We are here again with one more informational article. Today we are going to talk about How Companies Are Using Bots and more about social messaging bots. What are these social messaging bots and how companies are using this for their business growth and also reducing their human resource cost? We will also talk about how companies can use these bots more effectively. So we are starting right now.

How Social Media Giants Providing Bots

If you regularly follow social media updates then you may know that Facebook has launched the Discovery section for the bots and hopefully, they’ll roll it out worldwide. Whatsapp is still not quite launched but so that’s a big sort of problem for about to scale worldwide.

But most of the other bots platforms have progressed. Skype has since rolled out BOTS also in its mobile app quite recently. Viber has been rolling out more and more apps, more connections also with e-commerce. But what are the best BOTS and BOTS categories out there?

What Type Of Companies Are Supporting Bots

So BOTS have been mostly used in two critical categories, which are social care, and social care automation, and then e-commerce, and e-commerce order bots. 

Customer Care

So for customer care, we’ve seen countless companies launch. A simple inline structure where you would talk to a page. It will first kind of direct you what do you want to figure out, and if you wanted to go for customer care it would send you in a certain frequent ask question type survey, and get you the right answer.

Or it would direct you to a human customer care experience where a human will chat with you and solve your query. And this is a very good use of bots because in 60% of cases company saves its human resources to engage its time with the customer still solves the customer’s query.

E-commerce order tracking

On the e-commerce site, we’ve seen a lot of companies launched so many e-commerce BOTS recently, and whether they’re for the shopping and discovery experience that’s one part.

But we see more and more also post-conversion experience, which is when you buy something online you get the confirmation of purchase, you get the receipt of purchase, you also get the delivery service linked directly into that bot, and then the delivery notification, and then maybe a post-delivery survey.

So this whole experience which would previously be a combination of emails, phone calls. And phone numbers would be entire of bad experience which we think because a company should now disturb a person on phone just for asking his/her buying experience. This is a really bad idea. And that’s why bots do perfect work here. It’s one of the best use cases of bots.

They Are Not Using Bots But They Should

But one thing we haven’t quite seen yet is that there are many more companies that are of course not related to customer services or e-commerce but if they use bots for the work they can, of course, get more benefits. It will reduce their human engagement and will work faster than a human.

So we’re looking out forward to these campaigns and more entertainment and fun functions. That has of course bigger growth in brand awareness and other areas. So I think this is a big opportunity for brands in 2022 to build these functions up.


So this is how companies are using bots for their business and I will say that this is the very initial adoption of bots in businesses. It has to go a long way and it will of course. You can use chatbot tools for your business also. There are great companies like Herbie who provide these type of services. And companies will benefit from it. So we are wrapping up now.

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