How To Become A Successful YouTuber In 2021 (A Million Dollar Question)

How To Become A Successful YouTuber

If you are posting YouTube videos then you must have a search on Google that How To Become A Successful YouTuber. I’m gonna tell you five things that are gonna make you a better YouTuber this year so that you can get more views more subscribers and all the other awesome stuff that comes with being a content creator and we’re starting right now.

How To Become A Successful YouTuber: The Very First Step

Ok, so the very first thing that you need to do this year to be a better YouTuber is to make sure that you get clear on what it is that you offer and how you express it, what it is that you offer to your viewers.

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Now you might be thinking what does that mean. Well, what it means is when you are looking at your youtube channel, is it clear to you what it is that you offer there when you’re uploading content to your youtube channel? Is it clear that that content is somehow related to the other content that you’re putting up on your youtube channel?

For example, if you’re a gamer and you are playing just a bunch of different types of games and you’re just doing a bunch of different stuff on your channel and then you start throwing in some vlogs, and just some opinion pieces and things like that. Is it a really good fit for what it is that you’re actually offering in general on your youtube channel? Yes or no?

if it’s a yes then it’s excellent, but if it’s a no then in that situation look at what it is that you’re doing and think. If somebody watches one of your youtube videos and they click on your channel page or they just explore. Is it something that is directly related or not? 

For example, if you’re doing photo and tech content on a channel and suddenly you start uploading food content then you’re kind of breaking what it is that you’re offering on your channel.

Now I’m gonna put this into an idea that I really want you to think about. So when it comes to youtube you have a youtube channel and what that is you’re creating a resource of content for a certain type of person, that likes to enjoy that type of content and the better you get at creating an entire archive of videos on your youtube channel that one person can come in and he/she can watch one video, second video and so on and enjoy it.

if you can do that you’re gonna do a lot better on youtube and the reason for that is because one of the things that are awesome about youtube is when their system starts identifying the right type of viewers for your stuff, it makes it easier for them to show your content to the right type of people that are most likely to enjoy that content.

So You should be more focused on the type of person that you’re trying to reach with the type of content that you make. 

Magic Of Title And Thumbnail


The next thing you need to think about when it comes to How To Become A Successful YouTuber, instead of writing one title for your videos or making one thumbnail for your videos write 10 different titles make 10 different thumbnails. I know it’s more work but hear me out

How To Become A Successful YouTuber

When you write just one title, what you’re doing in that situation is you’re putting all of your eggs in that one basket. The better option is you should think about it from the perspective of “maybe if I write a handful of different titles, maybe I’ll come up with a better way to say this”.

And when you can come up with a better way to say this or a better way to express it, or a better way to target the viewer that you’re trying to reach, then that allows you to make a much more effective title. And the same thing applies to your thumbnails.

This isn’t just me telling you this, youtube says the same thing in the free Youtube Creator Academy. it’s free content by youtube, you should go through it because you’re a content creator.

But you can find that on google. But anyway the idea is that when you put it, the thing that’s the most important to the viewer towards the front of the title. What you’re doing is you’re giving yourself the additional opportunity to grab their attention and to let them know that that video is about something that they are interested in.

The Idea Of Compelling Your Audience

The next thing you want to make sure that you’re thinking about is is this compelling. So just having you know the thing that they care about that’s one thing but then you also have to get a little bit persuasive in terms of thinking about how could I express this thing to these people in a way, that would be a little bit more compelling, that would also kind of encourage them or inspire them to click on what it is that I’m publishing here on youtube

The next thing you can do this year to be a better YouTuber is to also pay really close attention to the videos that people are clicking on more and the videos that people seem to be watching for a longer period of time.

This is why according to youtube they show the content to people on the platform based on things that they are interested in and the things that they’re most likely to enjoy at that point. So because of that when you are putting all this stuff together it’s important to make sure that you are paying really close attention to what it is.

That’s getting those people to respond to what it is that you’re doing. Because if you can start to learn and understand the people that youtube is showing your content to if you can start to learn and understand the things that they respond to at a higher level then that’s going to help you.

Be a better content creator and that’s going to help you make content that is a lot more effective at getting those people to have a great experience on youtube. And the better that you get at that, the better your content is going to do, the better your channel is going to do the faster that you’re going to grow.

Because you’re serving the audience in a way that they are responding well, you’re making content that you’re having fun making because of the subject matter and then you’re giving youtube exactly what it is that they want.

Which is making sure that the people that are on their platform their users are getting a great experience from your content and the better that you get at that, the better youtube is going to treat your channel. Not necessarily treat your channel but just the more they’re going to show your content because it’s going to be more effective content when it comes to creating a satisfactory experience for their users.

And when you pay attention to this kind of thing and you start paying really close attention to the stuff that people are clicking on more and watching longer and interacting more with in terms of just engagement in general, it starts giving you tons of insight into the things that your audience is really enjoying.

And what it does in that situation is it kind of creates the road map to your youtube success. So you have to make sure that you’re paying attention to this stuff.

The thing that you don’t want to do is you do not want to just publish anything any random thing that you want to on your youtube channel. You should pay really close attention to what it is that’s effective versus what it is that’s not effective

And of course, you know you want to make sure that you’re doing the things that you enjoy also, but within that, if you want to grow as fast as you possibly can, you also have to make sure that you’re paying really close attention to what the people that are consuming your content are really enjoying.

Obsession Of YouTube

The next thing that’s going to help you a ton this year is to just completely obsess over youtube. Now if you’re doing this as a hobby and it’s kind of like you know hey I just want to get more views and stuff then in that case you don’t have to obsess as hard.

But if you’re like hey this is my year I’m gonna like a big YouTuber this year, in that case, you have to make sure that you obsess over it, and here’s what I mean.

Start reaching out to other youtube content creators. It’s awesome to have other YouTuber friends because of all the things that you think about all the things that you’re going through all the struggles that you have internally on the right content to make and the stats to look at all that when you have other people that are also doing the same thing that you are it can be an extremely advantageous thing. And you can learn a lot from other people that are doing the same thing that you are.

Because everybody has a different experience, everybody takes a different approach and that can be really awesome when it comes to developing your own skill sets as well as when it comes to obsessing.

Another thing that can be valuable of course that’s why you’re reading this article in the first place is to learn as much as you possibly can about youtube. But don’t just read articles, you have to make sure that you’re going through the Youtube Creator Academy.

You should make sure that as part of your obsession that you are also experimenting a lot with your content and you’re not afraid to make changes, you’re not afraid to say “what this is like, what I’ve been doing in my videos, this I’ve been starting my videos, this is kind of the structure that I’ve been using for a while.”

You should think like “let me just try something completely new, that’s still related to the audience that I’m making content for but let me try like a different structure with what it is that I’m doing even though it might be a little bit uncomfortable.”

Because if you start doing that you might uncover something that makes your channel just skyrocket. Now with that, you could also do something that made your channel kind of stagnate so you want to make sure that as experimentation that you’re just paying really close attention to how those experiments are working out as you are experimenting with a bunch of different things.

Another thing that can be advantageous to obsessing over youtube is also to participate in communities around youtube. Now I’m not talking about the stuff where people are exchanging views and all. That that stuff doesn’t work, don’t do that.

What I’m talking about is there are some awesome groups online there’s tube ritual there’s video makers and marketers on Reddit, there’s a bunch of amazing communities online where you can interact with other content creators and just talk about all the different things about youtube and you can gain tons of insights from all those different communities.

Because a lot of people share their stats on there. They share different experiences they’re having, they share their struggles, they share their wins, and being a part of those can also help you with what it is that you’re doing.

Because it can let you know that other people are going through the same thing that I’m having. You can ask different types of questions there and you will get to know that many of people are there having the same issue and you will get some idea from their experience.

When it comes to obsessing over youtube is right now, there’s an app that came out recently and this is not sponsored in any way shape. I’m just really digging the app so is everybody that goes on there but there’s an app called clubhouse right now it’s ios only but android is coming soon but basically clubhouse it’s kind of like live podcasting really it’s just conversations people coming in and having conversations in these different rooms but there are rooms about youtube there.

So when you go and you just sit in some of these rooms you can learn a ton about youtube while you’re on other things just throw in some headphones put them in your phone and just you know go shopping or go walk around the mall or go for a run or whatever it happens to be and you’re going to hear tons of amazing conversations from people of all different levels.

Here’s what I mean if you’re going to write a bunch of titles like I was talking about before, then it’s really advantageous to understand the psychology of why people click on things and how to persuade people through written form and things.

So watch a bunch of videos on copywriting when you make thumbnails. It’s important to make sure that you can focus people’s attention on specific things. So make sure that you’re watching videos on imagery and how to use imagery and graphics and make sure that you’re watching videos on graphics in general if you use any types of graphics.

In your thumbnails editing is really important like you’re a content creator you make videos or you live stream so if you’re a video content creator then make sure you spend a lot of time learning how to edit better if you’re a live streamer make sure that you spend a lot of time working on your stream working on your presentation even as a video content creator it’s important to make sure that one of the skills that you’re developing over this year is your presentation, how are you communicating on camera, how do you think that’s perceived from the person that’s watching that through the camera.

Work on that. It’s really important when it comes to youtube and a good camera presentation can also take you a really long way.

The Most Important Thing is Consistency

Another thing that’s really important when it comes to youtube is consistency and because of that another one of the skill sets that you should be working on is how to be more consistent.

For example, when you are putting your videos together you should think about the long run because youtube is a long game you want to think about how can I do this most effectively while doing it at the highest level of the skill set that I have at this point and how can I work this into my lifestyle. So that I’m able to do this consistently over a long period of time.

Because if you want to be a successful content creator consistency is a really big part of that. So the skill of being able to manage your time enough to be able to consistently put out content is a really important thing. So make sure that you work on that too.

Are You Using Right Tool To Grow On YouTube ?

Another thing that can help you become a better content creator this year is by using the right tools because just like when you build a house you have a bunch of different tools that you use and there are very specific tools for specific things.

When it comes to youtube some tools like TubeBuddy and VidIQ, which can help you out as well. These are the awesome tools you’re going to absolutely love it.


So this is for now. There is another article about how you can get more and more views on your video. You can read it and get to know about best practices for your videos and if you haven’t a subscriber to our newsletter yet make sure you subscribe. Thank you so much for reading this article. I’ll see you next time.

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