How To Get More Views On YouTube For Free In 2021 (You Should Exactly Do This)

How To Get More Views On YouTube

People often search on Google How To Get More Views On YouTube and always hear channels give advice to you about what you should be doing to get views on YouTube. But today we are going to flip that around and We are going to show you what youtube says about how to get views on your youtube videos. And the best part about all of this is youtube also shares with us, what they call the golden ticket, the thing that triggers promotion and exposure on youtube.

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So look if you are seriously and honestly want to improve what it is that you’re doing on youtube, so you can get more views on all of the efforts that you’re putting into your content, read this entire article and grab your notepad. 

How To Get More Views On YouTube With Home Page ?

We’re starting right now with the home page of youtube in this screenshot from the youtube creator academy.

How To Get More Views On YouTube

They tell us that the section of videos that show up on the home page is based on performance which we’ll break down later in the article but they say that performance essentially means, how well the video has engaged and satisfied similar viewers among other actors. We will be getting into some of those other factors later in the article.

They also mentioned that a viewer’s watch and search history also help determine if your videos are going to show up there.

How Long Your Video Should Be ?

We also want to bring your attention to a really quick detail at the bottom of this screenshot for those of you that have questions about how long your videos should be.

How To Get More Views On YouTube


You’ll see that youtube says we need to get the viewers engaged it doesn’t matter if it’s with a long video or several short ones here’s the important part the longer you keep them watching the more your content may get surfaced. If you are always thinking of How To Get More Views On YouTube, then this is one of the most effective way you can use.

And I’m going to emphasize that one real quick they say the longer that you keep viewers watching the more your content may get surfaced and we’re going to break that down a little bit later.

How YouTube Search Works ?

But now I want to talk about search. Because I know a lot of you will target search traffic and I get questions about things like my videos are optimized I’ve got the right titles in there I have got the right descriptions and tags and all that but my videos are not showing up why? Well, let me show you what youtube has to say about getting views from the search on this screenshot.

How To Get More Views On YouTube

You’ll see that they say that like the google search engine which you can also use to get views from.

By the way, youtube strives to surface the most relevant results according to keyword queries this is why I and other people who make content like me the ones who genuinely want you to succeed on youtube this is why we’re constantly telling you to make sure that you’re including keywords or keyword phrases in your titles as long as your content type supports it. What YouTube says about how the YouTube Search feature works and How To Get More Views On YouTube with search feature you can read this article.

How YouTube Ranks Videos ?

But anyway they say here that videos are ranked based on a variety of factors including how well the title description and video content match the viewer’s query as part of this youtube also tells us to write robust descriptions up to one to two paragraphs long if relevant.

They also encourage us to brainstorm new video ideas by looking at search results for popular and less competitive queries. By the way tools like Tubebuddy and VidIQ can help you with if you’re already using these tools you know this but if you’re not using these tools you must use them.

But if you look on the right over here you’ll see youtube says search considers many signals including the watch time of a particular video for a particular query that means that just having the keywords or the keyword phrases in your titles and descriptions it’s not enough

In addition to that, you also have to generate watch time from the videos which means when they show up in search results if people are clicking on them and they’re enjoying that content then your content’s likely to stay there but if not it won’t.

Now check this out for those of you targeting search one of the things that youtube tells us that will help us show up in search is to write searchable descriptions.

Well-written descriptions with the right keywords can boost views and watch time because they help your videos show up in search results they say to put the most important keywords towards the beginning of your description and to identify one to two main words that describe your video and feature them prominently in both your description and title in fact

If you go into the youtube creator studio dashboard you’re gonna see that youtube shows us when we click the question mark in the description box.

So writing descriptions with keywords can help viewers find your videos more easily through search and if we go up one box to the title area and click the question mark there they say it’s a good idea to include keywords your audience is likely to use when looking for videos like yours and look you’re going to hear some people tell you that the system is smart enough to know exactly what to put in the search.

If you just upload the video with whatever title and description but unfortunately the system isn’t perfect yet so that adding these things to your title and your description it helps give the system context to what your video is about. Essentially making its job easier.

What YouTube Says About Video Title ?

Now before we move on to getting views from suggested videos I want to share some more information with you about titles. Since we just went over some description stuff I just want to share some information that youtube has to say about titles.

When it comes to titles youtube tells us to write catchy titles which I’m sure that we all probably knew that one already but to add detail to that they say to create titles that accurately represent what’s in the content.

The reason this is important is that if you mislead people into clicking on your thumbnails in your titles then they’re not gonna end up watching that video for a long period of time because they’re not getting out of that video what they expected when they clicked on it.

if that happens and you’re not getting that watch time which means that the viewers are not having a good experience with your content then you’re putting yourself in a situation where the system has no choice but to not show your content anywhere.

You can see that they mention here it’s important to accurately describe your video so viewers stay to watch. If viewers don’t stick around because the video didn’t match their expectations you’ll see a drop in your audience retention which can result in your video being less likely to be recommended by youtube.

They also mention this in the youtube section of the google help pages where they say clickbait videos tend to have low average view duration and therefore are less likely to get recommended by youtube.

The important thing to take away from that part is to be compelling, not misleading. and while we’re on titles here are a few more quick tips from youtube about your titles one keep them 60 characters or less with the most important information.

Around 50 characters seem to be the sweet spot depending on what it is you’re viewing it on and so on two save episode numbers and branding towards the end three check your titles don’t get cut off in suggested videos search results and mobile that part right there

That is why I recommended the 50 characters. You want to make sure that anything that’s important for the viewer to have context for the video is within the first 50 characters or right around 50 characters of your title now let’s move on to getting more views from suggested videos.

How To Get Views From Suggested Video ?

Here you’ll see youtube says suggested videos are ranked to maximize engagement for the viewer what that means is it’s not necessarily about youtube promoting your content it’s more about youtube showing the viewer the user of youtube the content that they are most likely to enjoy at that moment in time according to youtube signals that contribute to these recommendations include videos that viewers watch along with the current video or videos that are topically related you know

I am constantly telling you to use your end screens and make sure you have links to relevant content your video descriptions and pinned comments and all that good stuff/ This is why youtube even tells us to make strong calls to action for viewers to watch another one of your videos.

What that means is as your video is coming to a close instead of wasting the viewers time with a bunch of things that they don’t care about it’s more important to just recommend another piece of your content to them they also say to use playlists links cards and end screens to suggest the next video.

As well as develop a series of videos that are organically connected, so that you can make it easy for people that are interacting with your content to watch more than one video at a time, and in this situation, you win because you’re getting more views and watch time, youtube wins because they are getting more watch time or more time on the platform and the viewers win because you made it easy for them to find more of your content that they enjoy. Everybody wins now. Before we get into the golden ticket there are a few more things that I want to show you.

What YouTube Says About Video Thumbnails ?

The first is about thumbnails youtube says 90 of the highest performing videos have custom thumbnails use them.

Youtube also says that your thumbnails and titles work together as a team to build anticipation while accurately representing what’s in your videos the reason that i mention this one is because it’s important to stop thinking of your thumbnails as one thing in your title as another thing and start thinking of them together and how they work together for you to win the click.

But be careful according to youtube in this warning in the youtube section of the google help pages clickbait videos tend to have low average view duration and therefore are less likely to get recommended by youtube. Remember to be compelling, not misleading.

Why YouTube Loves Returning Viewers ?

Next youtube tells us the following: If viewers are returning to your channel regularly to watch more they’re more likely to be recommended more of your videos in the future. This is why consistency is important, this is why niching down is important, this is why making sure that you’re focused on making content for a specific type of viewer is important.

The more they return and enjoy your content the more likely they are to get recommended more of your content in the future which brings you more views now as we start leading into the golden ticket.

There are a few things that I want to bring to your attention in the documentation about titles they say that if your retention is low your video is less likely to get recommended on youtube and in this one they say the longer that you can keep people watching on youtube because of your content the more your content may get surfaced.

I would like to emphasize your content part of this and just remind you what they said before about leading people into playlists and making it easy for people to find more of your content.

Does YouTube Hate You ?

Many creators think that YouTube hates me. But I think you are not one of them because you are still searching on Google about How To Get More Views On YouTube, then you have still some hope that you will grow on YouTube. 

For all of you who think youtube has something against you they don’t, they tell us that the systems have no opinion about the type of video you make and they don’t favor a format they follow that up by saying instead of worrying about what the algorithm likes it’s better to focus on what your audience likes.

If you do that and people watch the algorithm will follow in other words the way to win in the algorithm is to make content that people enjoy and that they can continually come back to your channel for which leads us to the golden ticket.

This information is labeled under the average view duration and watch time section for obvious reasons they say the golden ticket is to make sure your viewers want to watch all the way through your videos as measured by average view duration and watch time they follow that with thinking about how your audience can engage more frequently with your content which can help increase promotion and exposure on youtube.

What YouTube Says About Impressions ?

Another reference to this is found when researching how to get more impressions. They say the best way to get more impressions is to consistently make great content that viewers love so to get results on youtube you have to go through the process of learning how to make content that people really truly enjoy.

it’s not a hey how can I just get people to click on this so that I can get that view you gotta get them to click on it and you have to actually create content that people enjoy and that they would be excited or look forward to coming back for.

And if you focus your efforts on adding value to the viewers that are interacting with your content and just making great content for them instead of always thinking how can I get the algorithm to work in my favor if you just focus on the viewers then you’re going to get more views on youtube according to youtube.


I think you get your answer to How To Get More Views On YouTube. Now, remember that part earlier in the article where I was talking about recommending additional content to people that are watching your videos to make it easy for them to find more content that they care about in your channel this is how you do it.

And now you came to the end of this article so I know you are very serious to grow your YouTube Channel so I recommend you this article which tells you how the whole social media marketing strategy works. This will also help you in your YouTube journey. Thanks for reading this full article. I will see you next time. Good Luck..!

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