How To Collaborate With Youtubers Effectively In 2022

How To Collaborate With Youtubers Effectively In 2022

In this article, you’re going to learn How To Collaborate With Youtubers and we’re starting right now.

What Are The Benifits Of Collaboration

What is going on? Welcome to another article. I’m here today to teach you guys about collaborations. How can you collaborate with someone? What even is a collaboration. So collaboration is simply reaching out to someone and creating a video with them so that way you can expose yourself to a new audience.
So why is it important to collaborate? Well! there are quite a few benefits.

Number one is that you get yourself in front of a new audience. What that’s going to do for you is increase your subscriber rate.

Number two is you get to connect with like-minded people. You can reach out to creators in your niche and then you get to network and connect with them. And who knows you might make a friend out of it.
So how do you collaborate with someone? There are two approaches.

Make Others To Contact You

The first is for someone to reach out to you and ask you for a collaboration. And the way you do that is by creating awesome content.

Seriously. If you’re making awesome content people will notice and soon you’ll find yourself having people reaching out to you asking to collaborate.

Reach Our Other Creators In This Way

Now the second one is my favorite. Because it’s more under your control and that is to be proactive about it and go out and find other YouTubers in your niche with a similar subscribe count.

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And the reason is that they’re more likely to collaborate with you. Think about it. If you’re a gamer and perhaps you’ve got a thousand subscribers. If you reach out to PewDiePie what do you think your chances are of PewDiePie responding to you quite low. I don’t want to crush your dreams or anything but the chances are he’s not going to respond to you.

What Should Be Communication Medium

Once you’ve found a similar creator with similar videos, how do you reach out to them?

Now the most common way is to contact them by email. Generally, you can find a YouTubers email address by going to their channel page, heading to the About tab, and there’ll be a little button that says show email address or display email address. Click that and you’ll get that email address.

Now that you’ve got their email address there are four things to keep in mind before you send them off an email.

Make Personalize Email

Number one: Use their name. Don’t just go “hey sir”. You haven’t even addressed them by their name. Make it personal and make them feel special and use their name. So if you wanted to collaborate with the person named Mark then go “Hey Mark. what’s up”.

Keep It Simple

Number two: It’s the KISS principle. This is an acronym that stands for keeping it simple stupid. You don’t want to confuse the person you’re reaching out to collaborate with. Make it short-sweet and get straight to the point. I love it.

Be Yourself

Number three: Be yourself and don’t be afraid to have some fun. Maybe you could mention one of their videos that you’ve watched and that you’ve enjoyed. Don’t be afraid to include a little smiley face or an emoticon. Get funky. Be an exciting person and yeah you’ll be right.

Suggest Some Ideas

Number four: Suggest some ideas. So that doesn’t force the creator you’re reaching out to have to think. Often people are busy. So if you can just give them one or two ideas of a video you’d like to do with them then that way you increase your chances of them responding.


So with those four email tips in mind when you’re ready to click the send button. Cross your fingers and hope for the best. I hope you found the tips for collaboration. You can also read this article from Filmora on the same topic.

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