7 YouTube Equipment Checklist For Professional Video Creation

YouTube Equipment

In this article, I’m gonna share all my recommended YouTube Equipment checklist. And I promise you the if you use this equipment you will get highly professional video quality for your YouTube channel. Are you ready? Let’s jump into this YouTube Equipment checklist right now. 

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YouTube Equipment #1: Camera

The first part of a solid YouTube setup is a camera. And I recommend using a Canon 70D, because it has amazing autofocus during video a flip-out screen so that you can see yourself when recording, a mic input, and it’s super user-friendly for making videos.

YouTube Equipment

As we are talking about professional video creation so this is important for you to use a quite high-quality camera. Because if you think with an audience prospective then this can be the game changer factor for you.

YouTube Equipment #2: Camera Lens

The second piece of equipment is the Canon 10 to 18  wide-angle lens. It’s super affordable, creates a cool wide shot, perfect for shooting in confined places, and has image stabilization built-in for handheld shots and pictures. This camera and lens are the perfect combos for YouTube videos. 

YouTube Equipment

YouTube Equipment #3: Memory Card

As you know that if you are a regular video creator then you must have a large storage space to shoot your videos continuously. And if you are fond of creating long videos then it is even more important for you. 

YouTube Equipment

For this purpose, I use a high-speed 64 gigabyte SD card so that I have tons of space to record video without switching cards. This extra storage space let me focus on content creation without thinking of storage space.

YouTube Equipment #4: Tripod

Next, you need a solid tripod. I recommend getting a Ravelli aluminum tripod. It is available at a very affordable price, and it’s a solid and dependable choice for making awesome videos. 

YouTube Equipment

YouTube Equipment #5: Microphone

Up next is the microphone. And the Rode VideoMic Pro is essential for getting clean audio with this setup. The Canon 70D has pretty bad audio noise if you use a lower-quality microphone. And the plus 20dB audio setting on the Rode Mic solves this problem perfectly. YouTube EquipmentJust turn it on, set the 70D to Manual Sound recording, and set the level just one click above zero. The result will be clean, pro audio with no noise. This setup is solid. And you could create some amazing videos if you stopped here. 

YouTube Equipment #6: Lights

Let’s add some lighting to make things pop. I like to use a Halo Ring Light, because it’s easy to set up, perfect for shooting during the day, or at night, and it creates a cool look for YouTube videos. I just set it in front of the camera, turn it on, and I’m ready to go. YouTube Equipment

YouTube Equipment #7: White Balance

Then I like to manually set the white balance using a cheap gray card from Amazon. All you have to do is take a picture, set Custom White Balance in the menu, use the picture you took, and then make sure that the camera is set to Custom White Balance. This will make the colors in your videos look amazing, and true to life. 

YouTube Equipment


You should have a good Mobile phone for YouTube Creation.

YouTube Equipment


I hope this YouTube Equipment article was helpful for you, and if you have any questions about any of the gear mentioned in this article, you can check these products on amazon by clicking on the product image. Here is a question for you, what is your YouTube equipment setup?  Let me know in the comments section.

All right, at the heart of everything you have to be able to make content that people enjoy. And if you want to learn about how you can get more views from sources other than YouTube Search, we have an special article for you which will tell you Ultimate Ways To Get Views From Sources Other Than Search On YouTube. Thank you so much for reading till the end. I’ll see you next time.

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