How To Get More Impressions On YouTube Videos (2 Key Factors)

I’m going to tell you How To Get More Impressions On YouTube videos and what an impression means is that youtube is showing them to more people and we’re starting right now. 

How To Get More Impressions On YouTube: The Simple Answer

This is a fantastic question and the reason it’s a fantastic question is because of course, you want youtube to be showing your content to as many people as humanly possible . Absolutely right. So I could answer this in a really simple way.

But I want to give a little bit more context a little bit of a deeper understanding in terms of what makes youtube give your content or show your content to more people, or give you more impressions on the platform because that understanding is important.

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Because if you understand what’s going on, then that’s going to help you get more views and all the stuff that comes with it. Because when you have that understanding of what’s going on you can do all the right things to get all of the right rewards for doing those right things.

Impressions Rely On Two Factors

So when it comes to youtube they’re trying to accomplish two things and those two things summarize actually into one thing. Those two things are :

  1. they’re trying to help viewers find videos that they want to watch and,
  2. they’re trying to maximize long-term viewer engagement and satisfaction.

In other words, they’re trying to find the right videos for the right people on the platform at the right time, so that they will have a satisfactory experience on the platform. And in order to do this youtube says that they follow the audience.

Notice YouTube Activity As A Viewer

So I’m sure that you’ve hopped on youtube before and you’ve had youtube recommend things to you on the home page, and you’ve probably thought to yourself “I’m curious what this thing is right here“. And then you click on it and then you end up watching that video and then going down some rabbit hole of a bunch of videos like them.

Well, that happens to all of us when we log on to youtube and we’re watching other videos on youtube. When we go back to our homepage on youtube that same thing happens to all of us. Because in real-time youtube systems are trying to identify at that moment what content on that page loads as soon as that page loads up. What content would we be most likely to click on and engage with so naturally on the platform for youtube systems to achieve their goal?

What needs to happen is that when your video shows up on a home page, if it shows up in a subscription feed, if it shows up being suggested next to another video, the number of people that are clicking on that video because they find it intriguing in some way. They find it compelling because they can identify that’s for them.

Make Them Click On Your Video

Whatever the thing is that makes them click on your video. They need to be clicking on that video when it’s being recommended to them anywhere on the platform. Now they don’t have to click with every single page loads that. You know every single person that sees it doesn’t need to click on it but if they do then that video is probably going to do pretty well as long as you can fulfill the second part of this equation which is that you can keep people watching for a fair or competitive amount of time on the actual video itself.

And you might be saying to yourself “why does that even matter”. Well, it matters. Because if people are watching your video to the end or if people are watching your video for a long time maybe not the end, but let’s say they’re watching it for a long time compared to some of the other videos that are out there then that’s showing youtube systems that you are giving the viewer a quality experience. That it’s a satisfactory experience for that viewer now.

Of course, other things come into play. The surveys they put out and things like that but at the core of it right, because all this is happening in real-time, and their systems are adjusting in real-time to how people are interacting with everything including your content.

How Long A Viewer Is Wathcing Your Video

So if you can get people to click, and then you can keep people watching for a fair competitive amount of time, then what’s going to happen in that situation is their system is going to identify that your viewers are really enjoying the content that you’re putting out. And it’s also going to compare your viewers and the people that are actually watching your content with a bunch of other people that are users, not content creators but actual users on the platform.

And it’s looking for similarities between how they actually use the platform. So that if their system identifies that this type of user clicked on this person’s video, it’s based on this particular topic they watched it for x amount of time and based on how they experience youtube their system deems that as a quality experience for the viewer.

Well, they’re going to scour their platform for other people that are users similar to that, and then next time they log into youtube maybe when they click on that next video whatever videos, they have to be watching. If they’re already on youtube maybe your video is going to get suggested next to that particular video because it’s performing well for that type of person on the platform.

In fact, youtube tells us inside of the youtube creator academy that, if you keep viewers watching for a longer period of time, then your videos are more likely to get surfaced on the platform. So that’s coming directly from the horse’s mouth. I’m not making that up. That’s coming directly from youtube in their creator academy, which tells us to keep people watching longer and your likelihood of getting your videos shown in more places on the platform is going to be higher. Here is the screenshot of what the creator academy says about impressions.

What YouTube Says About Impressions

Understand The Ideal CTR

And then there’s the other side of course of getting people to click on your videos at a competitive rate, which I mentioned before. So if you can get people to click at a competitive rate and in terms of averages in case you’re thinking yourself like hey what does normal even look like when it comes to click-through rate. Youtube tells us that between 2 and 10 percent is the average across the platform.

They don’t give us an impression of information for that. They just tell us that the average is between 2 and 10 percent, but it gives you something to shoot for right. So in that situation, you need to be able to keep people clicking, and you need to be able to keep people watching for what their system will deem a success or a satisfactory experience for their user.

Youtube tells us all this stuff. I’m telling you this stuff right now. Other people who make content like me say the same thing. You can test this on your own channel you can see high-performing content and you can start to identify over time that the content that typically performs well is getting clicked on a lot and is getting watched for a certain amount of time.

Is Your Video Satisfing Your Viewer

But ultimately that equation comes down to a satisfactory viewer experience so here’s what you got to do in addition to keeping people clicking and watching your videos right because that’s like the mechanics of it

But at the core of it, the idea is to really consider who it is that you’re making content for. So that you can create an awesome experience for them what I want you to do is, I want you to go and watch one of your youtube videos and watch through it kind of like you’re a viewer. And then once you get to your end screen think to yourself “okay would I click on one of these end screen elements why or why would I not click on these end screen elements”.

Is It Possible To Find Your Content On Your Channel

I also want you to go and I want you to click on your channel name, click on the videos tab, and see how easy is it for people to understand what it is that I’m doing on my channel. How easy is it for people to find more of my content?

Because here’s another thing that’s important if you want a lot of impressions is, if you can start making it easy for people to find more of your content, then you are also going to start getting more suggestions or more impressions next to your own videos on the platform as well.

And if you deliver an awesome experience to people then in that situation, your videos are going to start being suggested next to your own videos. And then you’re going to start getting more impressions there as well. Because you are proving time and time again to youtube systems that you provide a great experience for the people that come in and watch your videos.

So at the core of everything if you really want to succeed on youtube, instead of thinking to yourself How To Get More Views On YouTube, How To Get More Impressions On YouTube, How To Get More Subscribers On YouTube, I mean all that stuff is important and it’s a good question to ask.

But at a deeper level think to yourself how can I add more to the people that are watching, how can I really make it clear to the audience that I’m trying to reach, what my content is about from the outside in terms of the thumbnail title.

Make Videos Topically Connected

I make it clear in my previous article that youtube recommends videos next to each other that are topically related that people respond to also. So since they tell us that another important thing is to make sure that you are adding videos sequentially.

Let’s say you’re doing any type of how-to stuff in that situation you want to make sure that you’re putting some of those words in your title description and tags because you’re trying to give relevance as fast as possible to youtube about what your content is about.

So that they can help it surface in search, they can help it surface next to other videos because it’s clear what your video is about and who that particular video is for and the better you can do that the easier their systems will identify.

And once they can identify it you prove to them that your content is worthy of sending their viewers to your content or showing your videos to their users as soon as that happens then you’ll start getting a lot more impressions, you’ll start getting a lot more views, and a lot more watch time, ad revenue, all that good stuff as long as you can convert those people in by getting them to click.

Because at the end of the day if you can’t get them to click then, everything stops there right. So because of that, you have to learn to be able to get people to click on your titles and thumbnails and then of course be able to keep people watching for an acceptable amount of time.


If you can do those things you’ll get a lot more impressions on youtube. To learn even more about growing your youtube channel you can read our al the articles on our blog and if you are a new YouTuber and preparing for creating big YouTube community you must check this article which will tell you about 7 YouTube Equipment which will help you create professional content. And if you haven’t yet make sure you subscribe thank you so much for watching I’ll see you next time. 

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