4 Ninja Strategies To Use Facebook For Sale (You Don’t Know These)

4 Ninja Strategies To Use Facebook For Sale

Hey friends! In this article, we are talking about the Facebook world. And more specifically 4 Ninja Strategies To Use Facebook For Sale. How do we create a Facebook strategy for a business that works? Let’s do this.

Why You Should Use Facebook For Sale

Let me first tell you why you should use Facebook for your business. You know that there are over 1.3 billion people who log into Facebook every single day and this is the beauty of this platform that there are lots of uses and you can find customers for any type of business here.

So this is like a goldmine for you. Just you know the best use of this goldmine.  All right we got four ways to get sales from Facebook

Use Facebook Messenger Marketing

1) Use Facebook Messenger Marketing: If you’re serious about using Facebook for business then you cannot ignore messenger BOTS. Facebook’s newest kid on the block Messenger bots got a bad reputation when they came up because a lot of marketers just use them to spam people.

The thing is it’s not the same as email broadcasting and spamming people. We need to think about it more as chat marketing or conversational marketing in a way to have conversations with real people and how we are having conversations with real prospects, with real people. And yes we can automate some of these tools like Manychat. And it is really easy to make chatbots.

But think of it this way, automation should only be used if it benefits the customer. For example, if we can use automation to answer questions quicker, then great everyone wins. But if we use automation because we’re lazy and want to do less work or no work for our customers, then that’s bad. 

Feed Your Facebook Pages With Interesting Content

2) We know traffic from Facebook isn’t what it used to be in the Golden Age of sending a lot of visitors to your site. But it is still possible to send traffic to your products and services. If you want to do this organically without having to spend money on ads then you have to give Facebook content that people like.

Facebook wants people to enjoy their time spent on Facebook. So if what you’re trying to do is just send people away elsewhere off Facebook then first you need to give Facebook a little bit of something, and that’s content. 

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So you need to spend time developing that trust with your fans on Facebook, creating content like videos, images, text, conversations. Enjoying this of consuming content on a Facebook cause as you get more organic reach and build a more engaged audience then links to your products and services. 

And actually, you should check out another article that we posted before because we talked about how to get organic reach when you’re talking about your products and your services too. So definitely go check that one but not yet. We still got two more ways to go so check it out at the end of the article.

Use Facebook Groups Properly

3) Participate in relevant Facebook groups or make your own. Do you know where you can still get pretty good Facebook organic reach? Facebook groups. You can almost look at Facebook groups like an online version of an in-person networking event, where you would go not as a brand but as yourself, and have real conversations with real people one-to-one.

This is a great way to network. It’s a great way to meet potential customers. And depending on the group rules it’s even a great way to talk about your products and services. So if you want to build relationships with people in your industry then join some industry groups and participate in them daily. Or you can set up your own. That way you can promote your stuff. 

And actually, we have another article on Facebook groups versus Facebook pages, how they differ, and how to build a strategy for each. You should go check that one out. I mean it’s great but not yet. We still got one more way. Check it out at the end of the article 

Re-Market On Facebook

4) The fourth business strategy for Facebook is remarketing. You can do remarketing in lots of different ways and on different platforms. But on Facebook, it’s so easy. Which is why it’s our favorite. 

Now, this is a paid strategy. But if it’s done well it can be effective. The Facebook Ads platform lets you serve ads to more relevant people. 

Now people who have already shown some kind of interest in your product, or service, or brand but not bought yet, for example, people who have watched your sales video, or engaged with your content, or been to your sales pages can be served ads based on what they’ve done to get them to complete that transaction.

Or even going back to point 1 in this article can be served ads to get them to engage with your Facebook Messenger bot. Remarketing is the most effective way to use Facebook Ads because the audience is already warmed to you. 


So you can use these four methods to grow your business on Facebook and I can commit you that if you properly use these tools you will see a massive change in your business growth. Just try it and let us know how it worked out for you in the comments below. 

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