How To Get Monetized On YouTube Fast (Follow These 9 Steps)

How To Get Monetized On YouTube Fast

I’m gonna tell you How To Get Monetized On YouTube Fast so that you can hurry up and start getting some of that ad money and we’re starting right now.

People often ask this question that how I can get monetized as quickly as possible because I have a goal set and I’ve been using the best keywords and tags. That’s a great question I’m really glad to answer this because there’s a ton of content creators on youtube that are trying to figure out the same thing.

What Is YouTube Monetization Condition?

Now as we are getting into this the very first thing that you need to make sure that if you are trying to get your youtube channel monetized is you need to have 1000 subscribers on your youtube channel which might seem like a lot.

But hang with me here and you also need to have 4 000 hours of watch time that you’ve accumulated within the last 365 days. So now you’re probably thinking oh great “that’s fantastic but how do I actually do that”. Well, here’s how you do it. You can check all the eligibility criteria here. I am also showing you a screenshot here.

YouTube Monetization Eligibility

So there’s a handful of things that you need to make sure that you are doing if you’re trying to get your channel monetized quickly.

How To Get Monetized On YouTube Fast: The First Step

The very first of those is you need to make sure that you are making content for a specific audience. And I’ll tell you why? When you’re making content for a specific audience or you’re niching down on your content, the idea behind that it’s not just so that you only make one type of content. Because nobody wants to take you to make a bunch of other types of content. 

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It’s because when you’re making content for a specific audience, they’re more likely to get presented with the new videos that you upload. And then when those new uploads are presented to them, they’re more likely to come in and watch that content. This is going to get you closer to that 4000 hours worth of watch time because they are interested in that topic. After all, you are focused on that particular audience and the things that they are interested in.

Here Is Example

So if we put that into a real-life situation, let’s say that you are doing reviews on your channel, or let’s say that you’re doing gaming videos. If you were doing reviews then in that situation you’d want to make sure that all of the reviews that you’re putting out are on a specific type of thing that’s why tech channels are so popular.

Because people who are interested in tech can watch a tech review even if they’re not going to buy this specific thing. Because they just love tech. The same thing would apply if you were doing dog product reviews or dog product reviews for small breeds.

That sort of thing if we apply this to the gaming world. Even though gamers typically like to play a bunch of different types of games. It’s also beneficial that you focus on one type of game or one game when you’re first getting started.

As an example, you just cover racing games or if you want to be super specific, you just cover the need for speed. When you take this approach to whatever type of content it is that you’re making what you’re doing is you are increasing the likelihood of the people that came in and watched one of your videos yesterday clicking on the video that you published today.

And the power in that is that every single time that you get one of those people to click and come back into your channel, and watch and enjoy that video, the more you’re increasing the likelihood of youtube understanding that. When they put that particular video in front of a certain type of viewer that they’re going to click on it and respond to the content that’s in front of them.

And I can’t stress enough how big of a win that is. Especially when you start scaling things out when your channel really starts moving along. Another huge bonus that ends up working in your favor in this situation is, let’s say that you have somebody that comes in for the review content, you have somebody that comes in for the gaming content or whatever type of content it is that you make. And then through your value proposition that you have in your videos or through the content that you have just by itself on your youtube channel, your viewer can identify that you have other content that’s available for them that they’re interested in on your youtube channel.

Guess what you’re also increasing the likelihood of those people subscribing to your youtube channel. As well that concept is what makes making videos for a particular type of viewer such a powerful thing. Because it can really start to swell things up. Because people keep coming back to your channel watching videos over and over again and of course subscribing now. Let’s take those viewers that are coming into your youtube channel and level that whole thing up a notch.

Make It Easy To Find Content On Your YouTube Channel

The next thing that you want to do if you want to get monetized quickly is you want to make sure that it’s easy for people to find other content on your youtube channel. Here’s what I mean.

Let’s say that your video gets shown to me on the homepage of youtube and I decide to click on that video because it’s something that I’m interested in. If you follow the concept that I just talked about in terms of serving a particular audience I’m immediately qualified to watch other videos on your youtube channel.

And since I’m immediately qualified to watch other videos on your youtube channel your job as a content creator is to make it easy for me to find more of the content that I want to watch on your youtube channel.

How do you do that? it’s really easy actually. And what I’m getting ready to share with you is going to help you amplify the activity that’s happening on your youtube channel in terms of the number of people that are coming into your channel, the number of videos that they’re actually watching, when they come in and of course the rate that they’re subscribing to your channel.

Because they’re watching more than one video which is increasing their likelihood of subscribing in addition to increasing your ad revenue once you do get monetized. But you have to apply what it is that I’m getting ready to tell you to your youtube channel and your videos for this to work.

Make A Watchtime Trap For Your Viewer

So this is about something called a watch time trap. And with a watch time trap, the idea is simply that you take one viewer and you multiply the views and the interactions that they’re having on your youtube channel. The idea is simply that they are caught in your trap of videos because you are making videos that they are interested in.

Remember if we fall back on concept number one and because of that, you make it easy for people to find more of your content on your channel by doing these things as I mentioned before. If I click on your video to watch your video I’m immediately qualified to watch that video because I clicked on it. I’m already interested. You already have my attention.

Your job as a content creator is to make it easy for me to find more of your content. And how you do that. You recommend other videos to people as they’re watching your videos. So as an example in your end screen, you would make a video that is similar to in terms of the topic of interest the video that I would be watching then.

So if I just clicked on a video I’m watching that video, the video that you would recommend in your end screen for me to watch next would also be something that would make sense for me to watch after just watching the video.

Use The Power Of Pinned Comments

But anyway the next thing that you need to make sure that you do is, you have the option on youtube to be able to pin a comment that you may or may not know. You need to make sure that you’re also pinning a comment that is also recommending another video that would make sense for that particular viewer to watch.

The reason that pinning a comment is important is that not everybody’s going to make it to your end screen. And there’s going to be some people that as they’re watching the video they’re going to go down they’re going to look in your comments. And when they scroll down your page or they’re scrolling down your page on their phone, what they’re going to see. 

For the people that are going down to your comment section, you have a video for them to watch there and. Of course, you can also add relevant videos to your video description as well. So that you can catch the people that even go down and look in your video description.

I’m going to tell you how to even level this up even more right here in a second. But the idea that we’re working through here is that you’re taking a viewer that’s coming into the channel and you’re making it easy for them to find the content through using different features based on what it is that they might do or how they might react on the page or interact with the page that they’re watching or looking at on youtube that’s the idea.

You Must Use Call To Action For Getting Subscribers

And one more thing I want to talk about before we level up the idea on watch time is, let’s say that you have the watch time requirement but you haven’t gotten the subscriber requirement yet then in that situation if you’re trying to get both because they require that you know it’s a requirement for getting monetized then in that situation instead of trying to drive people to that next video in your pinned comment then you might want to go really hard on making sure that you have a reminder for people to subscribe there.

You might want to go really hard on focusing on the subscribe call to action. You’re on the screen instead of trying to get people to watch another video. So if you have one of the things fulfilled then put your efforts into trying to get the other things fulfilled through using the different features and your verbal calls to action.

And what I mean by that is simply telling people “Hey if you enjoyed this video make sure that you subscribe for more”. Then simple and of course, you make it possible for them to do that by adding that circle subscribes icon to your end screen as well.

Try To Drive Your Viewer To Your Playlist

The next thing that you want to think about is driving people into playlists. Not just driving people into playlists by themselves but driving people into series playlists. And here’s why youtube tells us that if we put videos into a series playlist and people watch those videos together then they are more likely to show other videos in that series playlist next to other videos in that playlist.

And here’s how you benefit from that. Youtube is recommending your other content in that playlist to the people that are watching that particular video. So you have youtube working for you. Trying to get people to watch another one of the videos you have yourself working for you because you’re putting these links all over your channel page trying to get people to watch other videos and your viewers are loving it because you’re making it easy for them to find other content that they want to watch. Everybody’s winning in this situation and your channel is growing because of it

Okay so what else can we do so. If our problem with getting monetized is that we need to solve that we have a thousand subscribers and then we have 4 000 hours of watch time, what else can we do to make that happen quickly? Well here’s another thing that you can do is if we go off of the video watch page itself and we go to your actual channel page what you want to do there. Once you are on your channel page is you want to structure your content in a way that makes sense, based on the interest that your viewers have, around the type of content that you make.

Here Are Some Examples For You

As an example let’s say that you have a music channel. If you have a music channel and you have different types of music like let’s say that you have some that’s kind of upbeat and you know kind of funky maybe. And then you have some other that’s more chill, then in that situation organizing your content that way, so the people that are into the chill music can easily find that people that are under the funky stuff then they can click on that and go find that.

If you’re a gamer and you’re following the idea of just focusing on a certain type of game like all racing games. For example, then you can break it down by the specific game on your channel page as well by putting the videos that are on each game into a playlist. And then you basically put that playlist on your channel page.

So that when people go to your channel page on youtube as they’re scrolling down they can see the exact videos or the exact game that they care about and they can click into that and then they can watch the videos that you have on that specific game.

If you have an education channel then you would break the content down into playlists on your channel page around the things that you teach or the problems that people have that you help them solve.

If you’re a tech channel, you could break it down by manufacturer or device. If you happen to be covering a bunch of different types of devices. So ultimately what you’re trying to do when you’re trying to get monetize, is you’re trying to fulfill the requirements that you have to have you gotta get that four thousand hour of watch time and get those 1000 subscribers.

And the best way to do that is by taking the people that are already coming into your youtube channel and making it easy for them to find the other stuff they care about in your channel through linking to it on your video, watch page, and organizing things in a way to where they can easily find what they care about on your channel page.

Think About Your Title & Thumbnail Combination

Now let’s talk about the elephant in the room for these things to really accelerate how fast you are getting the results that you’re after on youtube. It’s really important to make sure that you are still being very mindful about the titles, that you’re being very mindful about how people are responding to your thumbnail and title combinations.

When you are publishing your videos you must be mindful of how people are reacting to your video content. if you want to really get monetized fast, make sure that you are digging into your youtube analytics regularly and you’re being mindful and paying attention to how people are responding to the different things that you’re doing. So make sure you’re paying a lot of attention to your click-through rate on your thumbnail.

Check Audience Retention Regularly

Also, make sure that you’re paying a lot of attention to your audience retention, your average view duration on youtube. It’s super important because if people are clicking but they’re not watching your videos for a fair amount of time then the video is not going to do well. And it’s going to become very difficult for you to get monetized.

If people aren’t clicking then in that situation you’re not going to get monetized because you’re not able to do the very first thing, which is actually to get people to click.

So it’s really important to make sure that you’re looking in your analytics and you’re being very mindful of how people are responding to what it is that you’re doing. Because that response is going to basically be the ultimate decider.

If people are going to be able to come into your content and watch for a long period of time, which is what you’re going for, and ultimately subscribe to what it is that you’re doing. Because they appreciate your content in some way or they find value in it in some way, it’s super important.

You Can Try Mass Uploading

Another way to speed up your monetization process is to upload more as long as you’re getting people to click on your videos and watch them for a fair amount of time. Because the more you upload in that situation mathematically the faster you’re going to get monetized in that situation as well.


So there are the steps you can Get Monetized On YouTube Fast. The simple thing is that you have to make some type of sequential plan to keep your viewer engaged. And this hack will always work for you.

To learn even more about growing your YouTube channel make sure you subscribe to our newsletter so that you can get more knowledge direct to your inbox. And here I have one more article for you about how you can get more impressions on your YouTube video. Thank you so much for reading this article. I’ll see you next time. 

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